Could Candyman Be The Next Killer Pulled Into The Fog of Dead By Daylight? These Rumors Tend To Think So

Should you bee-lieve these rumors, or should you call pest control?

With Nicolas Cage making his big debut as a Survivor in the world of Dead by Daylight; it’s about time we get a new Killer added to the mix. Rumors are already abuzz in the world of Twitter about who our next Killer may bee, and it seems that the answer may be as sweet as candy. Man, I hope they’re right about this choice, because the “Not The Bees” line from The Wicker Man will make so much more sense if this rumored addition to the cast is true. Take it with a grain of salt right now, but let’s see why Candyman may be making his debut very soon.

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Why Could Candyman Be Coming To Dead By Daylight?

There are a few different signs that are pointing in the right direction for Tony Todd’s terrifying Candyman making his way into The Fog. While Twitter may not be the most reputable site to gather information from, two significant players have put their hats into the ring for this particular rumor to gain some traction.

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Screenshot: Prima Games via Tony Todd’s Twitter

First, it seems that Tony Todd is happily supporting the idea of bringing the Candyman into the game itself with a sly little retweet from a relatively small fan account. As of the time of this writing, the @Candyman4DeadByDaylight account has 206 followers, so it seems highly unlikely that Tony Todd knew about their existence before this happened.

Another log thrown into the rumor fire is due to a prominent Dead by Daylight leaker by the username of @dvvet posting two simple emoji’s that seem to be pointing in a rather particular direction.

Tweet via @dvveet

Now, unless we’re getting Winnie The Pooh from the recent indie horror project Blood and Honey, this seems to be pointing us in a rather interesting direction. With Candyman primarily using Bees as a form of torture, especially in the iconic scene between him and Helen Lyle, this could be an easy way to push fans of the franchise in the right direction.

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Unfortunately at this time, everything here is still a rumor. However, we won’t need to wait long to see if this addition will truly be a hive-minded decision, or if we’ll feel the true sting of remorse if this isn’t the newest addition. We’ll only need to wait until mid August for the trailer and Public Test Build to go live, so we can only hope that these rumors stick around.

No matter if you’re just tired of my bee puns, or want to learn more about how to survive in Dead by Daylight by picking a survivor that doesn’t make much noise, be sure to check out our section below to get your hands on more content for your new favorite multiplayer experience.

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