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How to Get the Premium Rift Pass for Free in Dead by Daylight

Suddenly I actually want to grind Dead by Daylight

by Daphne Fama

Let’s be honest. Prime rewards for Dead by Daylight are frequently lack luster. Until today, at which point they became awesome. That’s because for the first time, players will get a Premium Rift Pass for free! Here’s how to get the Premium Rift Pass Free in Dead by Daylight.

How to Get the Premium Rift Pass for Free in Dead by Daylight

If you’re like me, you’ve periodically glanced at the Premium Rift and coveted some of the cosmetics within. After all, Dead by Daylight is all about customization and flair. How are you meant to maintain hope in the fog when you’re dressed in drab, default clothes?

But now, there’s a way to get the Premium Rift for free! Sort of! You just need to have Amazon Prime.

If you have Amazon Prime, then do I have great news for you. Getting the Premium Rift is as easy as clicking a few buttons and inputting some code. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Redeem Prime Gaming Codes on Dead by Daylight

Now that you have the code, you’ll need to input it. Here’s how to do that.

  • Launch Dead by Daylight.
  • Select the STORE menu, navigate to the FEATURE tab.
  • On the top right, select REDEEM CODE.
  • Enter your vended code.

Remember to include the little “-” you see in your code! Otherwise you’re going to have to retype it.

And that’s it! A free premium pass is yours. And if you happened to already have the premium pass, then you’ll automatically unlock 10 tiers, saving you lots of time.

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