10 Of The Best Killer Cosmetics In Dead by Daylight

Get ready to show off your most stylish side with these eclectic collections.

You know, even though you can’t see your own Killer in Dead by Daylight, knowing that you have something that will strike fear into your foes is always a great feeling. Since you’re playing from a First-Person perspective, you’ll only really get the chance to see your shiny new weapon, but the Survivors can see your horrifying visage chasing them down. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned Iridescent Shards or Auric Cells on any of them, consider giving these a gander first.

10 Great Skins To Equip On Your Favorite Killer In Dead By Daylight

While this list may be my personal choice, there is an excellent variety of skins available to purchase in the Dead by Daylight store. While you may not agree with all the choices on this list, some of them are just too iconic to pass up.

10: The Hillbilly – The Milkman

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you happen to encounter a Milkman Hillbilly during your time in the Trails, consider yourself lucky. More often than not, these players are going to be rather friendly to the Survivors, worrying more about helping them grind for Bloodpoints rather than going for the full 4K.

9: The Doctor – Love Doctor

Screenshot by Prima Games

You don’t need to be familiar with how old-school medicine worked to admire the sheer love and dedication put into this nostalgic throwback to yesteryear. Sure, while The Doctor may not be using the herbs in his nose to help the Survivors, this Plague Doctor-inspired look will surely take their breath away.

8: The Ghost Face – Classic Ghost Face

Screenshot by Prima Games

Sure, while the standard Ghost Face cosmetic looks fantastic enough, take a trip down memory lane and get your hands on this iconic piece of horror movie iconography. Thankfully, it’s also one of the cheapest outfits overall, so your opponents can see your flowing arm sleeves floating while they’re being drug to the hook.

7. The Dredge – Memory Of Maurice

Screenshot by Prima Games

This touching tribute to Maurice, the mascot of Father Campbell’s Chapel, who sadly passed away. Well, guess what; he’s back, in cosmetic form. Not only can you encounter this beloved creature on the map once more, but you can use The Dredge and play as the beloved horse, albeit a much more grizzly and terrifying version of it. Not every game has Horse Lore, but DBD has it in droves.

6: The Spirit – Awakened Origin

Screenshot by Prima Games

While The Spirit may still be one of my least favorite Killers to square off against, due to her terrifying skillset, this cosmetic skin pack makes her look more horrifying than ever before. Sure, there are other more… revealing outfits that may tickle your fancy, but if you’re hoping to strike the fear of God in the eyes of a survivor, this is the skin to do it with.

5: The Wraith – Seeping Hollow

Screenshot by Prima Games

While The Wraith may have made his way onto our easiest playable Killers list, he’s still incredibly lethal in the hands of a high-level player. While this skin may give away your location a fair bit easier than others, his Wailing Bell can help keep you out of sight and out of mind until the time is right. If a Wraith revealed himself to me with this skin, I’m pretty positive I would jump right out of mine.

4: The Legion – Lost Mascot

Screenshot by Prima Games

Certain video game characters are just so iconic, that you would love to represent them wherever you may go. Robbie the Rabbit is one of those, and The Legion has multiple variations to choose from so you are always prepared and ready to go. I wish every outfit didn’t cost the same amount of Cells, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re planning on sticking with The Legion for the long haul.

3: The Nurse – Lady Lunatic

Screenshot by Prima Games

Look, I don’t care what you say, this is an absolutely gorgeously designed skin. Taking inspiration from the Victorian era, this lovely ensemble shows that you’re classy, sophisticated, and not afraid to get a little bit of blood on your clothing. There’s something already creepy enough about the 1800s, let alone a flying spirit creature coming after you in time-accurate garb. A beautiful set that any Nurse main should consider getting their hands on.

2: The Cannibal – Pretty Woman

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an iconic piece of 70’s horror bliss, so the fact that we not only can play as Leatherface himself, but swap into his many iconic outfits is perfect for Bubba stans. While his yellow smock and tan shirt are already up there, the Pretty Woman set is the ultimate cosmetic for those hoping to reenact the end of the movie with a little more success. Hopefully, none of your survivors get away.

1. The Clown – Mr. Puddles

Screenshot by Prima Games

Okay, I know what you’re thinking; of course, the Clown main is going to pick the best Clown skin for the top spot. And while I wish that was the case, can you blame me for putting Mr. Puddles as one of the best skins you can get in the game? Would you want to hug this terrifying mascot, or would you be running away as quickly in the other direction as I would be? I may just go in for the hug, to keep it real with you. I hope that I come back with all my fingers.

While I wish that I could list every cosmetic in the store, these 10 are a great first step into the world of Dead by Daylight. With certain characters like The Blight getting exclusive Resident Evil skins that have alternate voice lines, and other characters having skins locked behind physical purchases, these are the easiest skins to readily access at any time.

I just hope you don’t want to buy any Stranger Things cosmetics because that’s a bit of a sticky situation. If you’re looking for more Dead by Daylight content, be sure to check out our section below to learn more about this horrifying asynchronous multiplayer game.

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