What Does SWF Mean in Dead By Daylight? – Explained

Ready to loop some Killers on a SWF game? What, wait does that even mean?

If you’re new to the Dead by Daylight scene, you may be a touch confused by some of the lingo that is thrown around during steams, gameplay, or even on posts that you see on sites like Twitter. One of the most common slang terms I see is SWF, and I’m glad to share this knowledge with you now.

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What Does The Term SWF Mean For Dead by Daylight Players?

When jumping into the Fog with your friends, this would be considered a SWF or Survive With Friends. This means that you’re working together will an entire squad of four to ensure that everyone can make it out every time, rather than pairing up with random players in either a Solo Queue or Dual Queue.

The main objective of playing this way is to collaborate with your friends and ensure that everyone makes it out, also known as a Four Man Out. It’s considered a victory if at least 3 people get out alive, so getting everyone out is always preferred. By collaborating over a voice chat app like Discord, you’ll have the perfect chance to make sure the Killer doesn’t get you hooked more times than necessary.

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However, one thing that newer players will want to know is that the MMR, or Match Making Ranking, is going to average out between all of the players in the party, so you may find a Killer that is overwhelmingly powerful for your current skill set, or find Killer that is just starting the game. This makes the chances of survival vary per game, making each trip into the Fog more unique than the last.

Watching competitive players like Otzdarva team up with other hyper-talented DBD survivors for some SWF matches makes every round more interesting than the last unless they’re paired up against a Skull Merchant. Get your friends ready for the ultimate test of friendship, and make sure their survivor choice is perfect before jumping into your own SWF lobby. And be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight section below to get your hands on more content than you could have ever thought you needed before.

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