All New Artists From The Fog Collections Cosmetics In Dead by Daylight

Just when I thought my wallet was safe, these skins had to drop.

It’s been a busy morning for Dead by Daylight fans. Not only did we receive a new 7.1.1 Patch to fix some of the nagging issues that plagued the most recent release, but we also got our first look at the next chapter of this exciting multiplayer game. But, for those that have a passion for fashion, nothing quite gets the Terror Radius pumping like some new cosmetics. Let’s see what the community cooked up today, and see all of the newly released Artists From The Fog Cosmetics that are now available to purchase in Dead by Daylight.

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All Artists From The Fog Cosmetics In Dead by Daylight

Below, you’ll find a list of all the newly released Artists From The Fog items available in Dead by Daylight, alongside the name of the creator that made them.

The Twins – Flesh and Bones by Raina

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Huntress – Doll Collector by Jay

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Oni – Blind Revenge by Ikumi Nakamura

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Legion – School Gang (Julie) by Ikumi Nakamura

Screenshot by Prima Games

Yun-Jin Lee – Suprirse Performance by Manuel

Screenshot by Prima Games

Felix Richter – Inspiration Seeker by hunnybear

Screenshot by Prima Games

Yui Kimura – Dark Racer by Ikumi Nakamura

Screenshot by Prima Games

It’s great to see some of the often-forgotten characters finally get some new skins, and not the fan favorites receiving another 15 cosmetics for the tenth time this week. There are a few here that I’m strongly considering getting for my own use, especially if I’m planning on jumping into a few rounds as the Killer.

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Alongside these new cosmetics, a new hotfix was deployed to reenable the Cenobite, alongside a few other quick fixes that needed a quick tune-up. And for those ready for the next chapter of Dead by Daylight, be sure to see who is making their debut by checking out our Dead by Daylight section below. We cover speculations, tier lists, and so much more to help you get ready for your next trip into the Fog.

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