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Starfield Best Side Quests
Screenshots by Prima Games

The 5 Best Side Quests in Starfield That You Missed

It's always the side content that shines in BGS games!

For as long as I can remember, Bethesda Game Studios’ many role-playing games excelled when it came to side quests and emergent gameplay. For the most part, the main story quests were okay. They are not the best, but not the worst. However, side content is where their writing team shined through. And hey, Starfield is no different. The numerous side quests in Starfield prove memorable and exciting adventures found off the beaten path. Here are the five best side quests in Starfield that you likely missed on your first playthrough.

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The Best Side Quests in Starfield

Starfield is exceptional at providing you with distractions. I went into my first playthrough expecting to complete the main story and then explore side content in a second run. But that’s not how things worked out. Instead, I constantly veered away from the main story questline to complete side quests randomly. These side quests in Starfield captured my attention and held me tight.


Starfield Groundpounder Side Quest Location
Screenshot by Prima Games

This is one of the first side quests I tackled in Starfield so I may be somewhat biased, but I think it’s one of the most entertaining.

Upon jumping into the Altair Star System, you will receive a distress call from a woman trapped inside a research facility. A group of Spacers attacked the station, and both UC Vanguard and Freestar Collective responded to the engagement. Unfortunately, Spacers have the upper hand. They have a base in the system and can throw manpower into the fray.

You must fight through the station, rescuing trapped civilians and soldiers along the way, before jumping into space to push the Spacers back once and for all. It is the perfect side quest for those who enjoy the gunplay in Starfield.

At the end of the whole engagement, you’ll walk away with Peacekeeper. It’s one of my favorite unique weapons in Starfield!

The Mantis

Starfield Mantis Ship
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Relatively early in your playthrough, especially if you’re following the main story, you’ll collect the Secret Outpost datapad. It includes coordinates to a secretive location with a tucked-away bunker. But upon arrival, you’ll find Spacers beat you to the punch, and alongside a slew of robots and turrets, you need to fight through human enemies, too.

But the reward is well worth the trouble. You must work through the dungeon, clearing each room and corridor, then complete a puzzle. For your hard work, you’ll receive a legendary set of armor and an A-class ship completely free. The ship, Razorleaf, is powerful and valuable. First and foremost, it’s feared amongst Spacers, and secondly, it features a Shielded Cargo Hold for contraband smuggling.

Operation Starseed

Starfield Amelia Earheart Companion
Screenshot by Prima Games

While traversing the various star systems in Starfield, you will inevitably meet a broad cast of characters. Some prove more eclectic than others. But did you ever think you’d meet the great Genghis Khan or Amelia Earheart?

During Operation Starseed, a unique side quest that involves a commune of clones stemming from famous people throughout human history, you will interact with characters vying for control over the settlement and the nearby Facility. The entire dungeon is infested with hostile fauna, and you’ll need to fight through them to collect information. Then, it’s up to you which faction thrives using said data.

It’s a lengthy and challenging quest but an interesting one. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you who takes control over The Facility and the community as a whole, and with three options to choose from, it’s a bit of a gamble. But hey, replayability potential.

First Contact

Starfield First Contact Mission Walkthrough
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you thought an entire community of clones was odd, wait until you meet the folks during First Contact. This side mission occurs when you jump into the Porrima Star System, specifically Porrima II. Upon approach, the Chief of Security will hail you and then explain their situation regarding the unidentified ship hovering over the planet.

The ship, captained by Diana Brackenridge, escaped Earth some 200 years prior, and now they’ve floated through space without much interference from the modern world. As such, they don’t realize humanity continues to thrive across the Settled Systems. You are their first contact.

But their starship is failing and desperately requires repairs and equipment they no longer have available. You can complete this quest in several ways, some of which prove quite costly, but the outcome is always interesting.

Run the Red Mile

Starfield Red Mile Location
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’re looking for an exciting challenge, nothing beats the Red Mile. It’s a complex side quest involving a shady hangout, an abandoned race track, and some illicit activities that pay well.

Once you arrive at Porrima III, speak with Mei, the bar’s owner. She’ll tell you all about the Red Mile Run and how you must successfully reach and interact with the beacon at the end. It sounds simple, right? It’s not.

The entire gig involves explosives, hostile fauna, enemies who want to see you dead and buried, and some travel through rugged terrain.

If you manage to beat the Red Mile, you will earn the Brute Force, 2500 credits, and 100 XP. Plus, the Red Mile Run unlocks as a side activity, and if you complete it another 28 times, you can unlock another unique weapon!

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