How to Recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield

Recruit the iconic pilot to fly your starship for you!

Starfield Amelia Earheart Companion
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There are a handful of companions in Starfield that excel at piloting, which makes your job easier. You can sit back and enjoy the views while a well-paid companion mans the helm. But if you don’t want just any old companion flying your ship, why not reach back through history for one of the most iconic pilots ever? That’s right; you can recruit Amelia Earheart in Starfield! Here’s how.

Where to Find Amelia Earheart in Starfield

Unfortunately, tracking down Amelia Earheart in Starfield proves rather challenging. She’s tucked away inside a level 65 star system, Charybdis, during the quest “Operation Starseed.” It’s a unique side quest involving an army of clones brought forward from history by a robotic operation from the mysterious Factory. It’s quite an adventure!

However, if your goal is Amelia Earheart, you’re somewhat in luck. She’s waiting for someone like you, an adventuring spirit, to visit the township. You’ll find her directly outside of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home. Yes, you read that correctly.

How to Recruit Amelia Earheart

Starfield Amelia Earheart Companion
Screenshot by Prima Games

The goal of Operation Starseed is to speak with each of the leaders—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Genghis Khan, and Amanirenas, Queen of Kush—and side with one of them to free the clones from the robot’s experiment. They all have a plan for the settlement and society, and it’s up to you to determine the outcome.

But again, it’s important to note that this is a mid- to late-game questline, with a lengthy and challenging dungeon to complete. It will require all your resources, time, and energy, so prepare for quite the fight as you battle through the factory. I completed the quest at level 32, despite the level 65 “requirement” for the star system.

Once you free the clones, Amelia Earheart will become a recruitable companion and crew member. She’s keen on exploring the galaxy and is an adept pilot, though overall, her skills appear to be lacking. Still, how many other starship captains can claim the Amelia Earheart as their pilot?

If you’re keen on recruiting other companions, keep an eye out on Prima Games! We’re covering every unique companion and how to recruit them in Starfield!

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