How to Recruit Betty Howser in Starfield

Starfield's number one curmudgeon

If you thought every companion was in a bar or locked in a parallel nightmare universe, I’m happy to inform you’re wrong! There’s another floating around in deep space. Here’s how to recruit Betty Howser in Starfield.

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How to Recruit Betty Howser in Starfield

If you make your way to the Heinlein System, found two tiles to the right of the Porrima System, you’ll find that there’s a Distress Call coming from the orbit of Heinlein I.

Heinlein I is a desolate planet that contains nothing but Helium-3, Aluminum, and Beryllium. But in its orbit, you’ll find Lucy Lu. You’ll need to dock on the ship Lucky Lu to encounter Betty Howser.

Once inside, you’ll find Betty standing over a few corpses with a gun pointed at you. I like her already.

Betty Howser
Screenshot by Prima Games

Talk to her, and she’ll tell you that a bit of business has gone bad. And now her ship, the Lucky Lu, is out of commission. But she absolutely refuses to leave the ship behind. If you want to recruit Betty Howser, you’re going to need to get her a repair kit.

How to Get a Repair Kit in Starfield

So, Betty will ask for a Repair Kit, but what she, and the game, really means is Ship Parts. There are a number of places to get Ship Parts in Starfield.

Shepherd's General Store
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can find Ship Parts in the following places:

  • Shepherd’s General Store – Akila City, Akila in the Cheyenne System.
  • The Trade Association Store – Neon City on Volii in the Volii System. Cydonia on Mars in the Sol System.
  • UC Distribution Center – New Atlantis, Commercial District. On Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System.
  • Looting – Can occasionally be found on ships that have been destroyed in space.
Ship Parts
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’ve given Betty Howser the Ship Parts / Repair Kit, you’ll immediately be able to add her to a location of your choice. I like her cavalier attitude, so she’s a part of my crew.

Betty Howser comes with the following attributes:

  • ✮✮✮ Demolition
  • ✮ Missile Weapon Systems

That being said, she’s not the most useful companion to have. There are certainly better crewmates out there, and some who are even more obscure.

For example, have you found Amelia Earhart yet?

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