Where to Find Genghis Khan in Starfield

Track down the world's mightiest hunter in space!

Starfield Genghis Khan
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Did you know clones exist within the world of Starfield? It’s true! Across the galaxy, you’ll meet various characters that stem from an extensive cloning process. Most of them live everyday lives detached from their gene pool. But some, unfortunately, remain trapped in the past. Some, like Genghis Khan, want nothing more than freedom. Here’s where to find Genghis Khan in Starfield!

How to Find Genghis Khan in Starfield

As you travel to the various star systems in Starfield, you’ll inevitably jump into Charybdis. It’s a sizable and distant system, past Kryx and Ixyll. As such, it’s a level 60 star system that requires an upgraded Grav Drive to reach, so your starter ship won’t make the cut. Personally, I managed to get there using the Starborn ship in two jumps, so bring that along if you have one. Otherwise, any upgraded ship will suffice.

Upon entering the star system, you will receive a distress call from a robot asking for your assistance on Charybdis III. It’s a quick jump from your landing point in the system, and upon arrival, you’ll find a small settlement. But it’s unlike any other.

Starfield Genghis Khan Dialogue
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Instead of the usual settlers, this one is filled with clones of historical figures. You’ll find Franklin Roosevelt, Wyatt Earp, Amelia Earheart, and Genghis Khan!

You will meet these characters and more during the “Operation Starseed” questline, which deals with three unique factions of historical clones, including Genghis Khan. You’ll need to decide the outcome of the entire settlement, and it’s actually one of the longest and most exciting side quests in Starfield!

Genghis Khan’s Stats

Genghis Khan has his own stats, resistances, and effects as a unique character. These include:

  • Physical Resistance: 15
  • Energy Resistance: 5
  • EM Resistance: 15
  • Thermal Resistance: 10
  • Corrosive Resistance: 0
  • Airborne Resistance: 15
  • Radiation Resistance: 0

As for his bonus effect, he enjoys a +5% intimidation chance during dialogue.

Starfield has so many unique characters, and we will help you find them one by one! While you’re in the Charybdis system, check out how to find Amelia Earhart in Starfield.

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