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Starfield SSNN Building
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You will inevitably stumble upon many side quests in Starfield, including some of Bethesda’s most memorable writing and encounters. If I could be so bold, I think the side quests are better than the main quest in Starfield by far! However, some are complete filler and exist to pay you credits for easy work, and that’s okay. We need those types of jobs, too. Here is a full walkthrough for A Light in the Darkness in Starfield!

How to Complete A Light in the Darkness in Starfield

In A Light in the Darkness, players will stash their exploration gear and scoop up their pen and notepad to become pseudo-reporters for SSNN. The news agency wants someone to help them track down and cover stories across the Settled Systems, and, as an explorer, you’re perfect.

Start A Light in the Darkness

Starfield Tommy Bitlow SSNN Intern
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First and foremost, to start the A Light in the Darkness side quest, you’ll need to meet intern Tommy Bitlow, who works for SSNN in New Atlantis. He’s typically waiting for someone like you just down the ramp from the landing pad. He’ll run up, excitedly ask about your experience on Vectera, and then ask you to meet his boss for a sit-down interview.

Complete the Interview

Starfield Nada Muffaz SSNN Reporter
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After speaking with Tommy and agreeing to sit down for an interview at SSNN, which does pay a few credits for your time and trouble, he’ll send you to the news agency. It’s located in the Commercial District, just to the left of the NAT, up the ramp and around the bend.

Here, you’ll spot Nada Muffaz sitting behind a lone desk in the front entryway of the office building. She wants to speak with you about your experience. You can pick any dialogue you wish, as it winds up the same. For talking about Vectera, you will earn:

  • 500 Credits
  • 50 XP

But that’s not the end of this arc, as Nada requires your help. She wants to finish a story on The Well, specifically, the people living there, but her boss isn’t keen on the idea. She wants someone to interview the people there and develop a viable story.

Become the Interviewer

The next step sees you becoming the interviewer and traveling into The Well. You must interview three people at different locations for this part of the quest:

  • Kay’s House
  • Apex Electronics
  • Medical Clinic

Your character will automatically relay the interviews back to Nada, so don’t worry about remembering every piece of dialogue.

Nada will, of course, pay for the trouble. But she’ll also ask for your continued help. She wants newsworthy stories from across the galaxy, and as a traveler, you’re perfect for this gig.

Find News Stories for SSNN

Starfield Dead Terrormorph
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There are a handful of potential stories that SSNN will pay for, including:

The Vectera Mining Attack

The opening prologue of the game, in which you help defend Vectera from Crimson Fleet before becoming a member of Constellation.

The Galbank Robbery

While working with Sam Coe in “The Empty Nest,” you must help the local authorities deal with an ongoing bank robbery at Galbank.

The Terrormorph Attacks on New Atlantis

As part of the UC Vanguard questline, three Terrormorphs will attack New Atlantis. Once you defeat these creatures at the starport and the city returns to normal, visit SSNN to relay the story.

The Scow and Captain Petrov

Following “No Sudden Moves,” after obtaining the Artifact from Captain Petrov, you can tell Nada about the museum-like ship and its eclectic captain.

Ron Hope’s Death

You can kill or spare Ron Hope during the Freestar Ranger faction questline. If you choose the former, it’s a newsworthy story for SSNN.

SysDef’s Attack on The Key

After finishing “Kryx’s Legacy,” you must either side with SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. If you choose SysDef, report to Nada afterward to discuss the battle’s outcome.

Overall, it’s a worthwhile recurring quest that pays out additional rewards on top of everything you’re doing around the galaxy!

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