How to Complete No Sudden Moves in Starfield

One man's treasure is another man's treasure.

Starfield The Scow Ship
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While there are a few other objectives you’ll be completing in Starfield, your main goal will be to collect all of the Artifacts to build…something. What you need to build isn’t clear at this point in the story, but what is clear is that Vladimir, the owner of the Eye, has picked up some details regarding the next Artifact’s location. Here’s how to complete No Sudden Moves in Starfield.

How to Finish the No Sudden Moves Mission in Starfield

All No Sudden Moves Mission Steps

  • Talk to Vladimir
  • Travel to the Scow
  • Board the Scow
  • Find Captain Petrov
  • Speak to Petrov
  • Follow Petrov
  • Steal the Artifact
  • Leave the Scow
  • Add the Artifact to the Collection

Talk to Vladimir

Starfield Vladimir No Sudden Moves
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Speaking to Vladimir on the Eye above Jemison, he’ll want to talk about the next Artifact. He’ll mention a man named Petrov who has one of the Artifacts but doesn’t want to attach a price to it. He sees it as too valuable to attach a price due to its supposed effect. As such, you’ll need to get creative to get it back.

Travel to and Board the Scow

Starfield The Scow
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Once you reach the Scow (located in the Procyon A system, orbiting Procyon V-b), you’ll be presented with two options to board. You can either board the ship and convince them to let you on board, or disable the ship’s engines and dock with the ship. You should ideally persuade the Scow to let you on board and speak to Petrov. Attacking is alright, but it’ll be a considerable waste of ammo and time to reach the same result.

Find and Speak to Captain Petrov

Starfield Petrov
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Once you’ve boarded the Scow, move through the ship and speak to Tao Yun, who will question you before reaching Petrov. This conversation should be quite easy to get through, and you’ll be free to continue forward. You’ll run past all these different artifacts and curios that Petrov is clearly infatuated with. Once you reach him, you’ll find a man who clearly worships both random ancient artifacts and himself.

Once you speak with him, you can begin asking about the Artifact and whether he’s willing to part with it, to which he’ll, of course, say no. Again, you have the option to Attack, but you should ideally avoid this. Instead, you’ll want to persuade him to give you a look at his collection. It’ll help for later.

To reach this mission, you’ll of course need to finish all pre-requisite Artifact missions including the repeatable Power From Beyond once. As you complete Short Sighted and try (but fail) to repair the Eye, Vladimir will want to talk about the next Artifact’s location.

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Follow Petrov

Starfield Petrov Moving
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Petrov will begin bringing you through his set of 17 different doors to get to the Artifact. He also will yap on about a story with his quest for curios that isn’t exactly important. What you care about is once he finally gets to the vault.

Steal the Artifact

Starfield Artifact No Sudden Moves
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Once you finally reach the Artifact and Petrov opens it out of its casing, you’re free to grab the Artifact. You can try talking to Petrov and talking him into giving it to you, but he refuses to budge. Once you take the Artifact, shoot Petrov a few times and he’ll almost immediately surrender. After speaking to him, you’re free to walk out of the ship without being attacked by any of his guards provided you don’t kill him. You can also steal whatever else you want if you want some free things to either sell or use.

Once you’re back in your ship, undock and return to the Lodge, then add the Artifact to the center of the room and you’ll be all set.

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