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Starfield: How to Complete Alternating Currents

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So, you helped Louisa find the source of the power drains in The Well. And what do you know, it’s coming from the biggest organization in this rank underworld: the Trade Authority. You can let her handle the confrontation herself or you can step in and take the commercial bovine by the horns. Here’s how to complete Alternating Currents in Starfield.

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Starting Alternating Currents in Starfield

The Alternating Currents quest in Starfield starts immediately after completing Tapping the Grid as you’re talking to Louisa Reyez. She’s grateful for your help with tracing the power drains, but expresses some anxiety about having to deal with the Trade Authority. Louisa’s as timid as a country mouse, and she really needs all the help she can get. That’s where we come in.

Here’s the quick way of completing Alternating Currents, with a more in-depth version below. To complete Alternating Currents in Starfield, you must:

  • Speak to Louisa in front of the Trade Union.
  • Follow Louisa inside.
  • Speak to Louisa after the confrontation with Zoe.
  • Find the junction box upstairs.
  • Flip the junction box of your preference, doesn’t matter which.
  • Find the Junction Box in the Residential Area.
  • Find the Junction Box in the Apartment.
  • Give this information to either Zoe or Louisa.

How to Complete Alternating Currents in Starfield

Find Louisa at the entrance of the Trade Authority and speak to her to start the quest. She’ll practically beg you to come with her.

Lousia Reyez in front of the Trade Authority in Starfield
Screenshots by Prima Games

Tell her you’ve got her back and follow her inside. Louisa will walk up to the front desk, and the front desk woman (Zoe) will be exceptionally rude.

Zoe will walk off after being confronted. Speak to Louisa again, and she’ll tell you to prepare yourself to get shot at. But she really hopes it doesn’t come to that.

Zoe will return and claim that the real culprit isn’t the Trade Union. It’s a mysterious third party. And when Louisa seems confused, Zoe will speak to you.

You’ll then be instructed to find this fourth mysterious junction box.

Head straight out the Trade Union doors until you hit Kay’s House.

Player character holding a gun in front of Kay's House in Starfield
Screenshots by Prima Games

Turn left at Kay’s House, then turn left again at the Med Bay. You’ll then want to take an immediate right up a set of stairs.

Starfield set of stairs near Med Bay
Screenshots by Prima Games

You’ll find a Junction Box in the office at the very top. But you can’t interact with it yet!

Starfield junction box
Screenshots by Prima Games

Instead, open the door to the left of it, then follow the metal path to your right until you reach a door.

Don’t go through this door! Instead, turn right where you’ll see that the metal path is broken.

Sarah Morgan in front of broken metal path in Starfield
Screenshots by Prima Games

Jump over it, then interact with the panel. Now, you’ll be given a choice. Should you flip the switch for Louisa’s Junction Box or Zoe’s Junction Box? And does it matter?

Should You Flip Zoe or Louisa’s Junction Box in Starfield

Short answer: it doesn’t matter which junction box you flip. The quest will have you go to the same place. For that reason, head over to Zoe’s box, as it’s the one you passed to get here.

It’s in the room at the top of the stairs. Before, you needed a computer to access it. But it’s accessible now that you’ve flipped the junction box past the broken path.

Once you flip it, Zoe will note that the next junction box is actually topside. Head down and then use the elevator to go up. Your goal is the residential district.

Zoe will then make you an offer. Whatever information you find, bring it to her instead of Louisa. If you do, she’ll pay well.

Find Athena Tower in the Residential Area. To get to the Residential Area, you’ll need to go to the elevators to return to the surface. At the Residential Area, head across to the map, past the pond, and Athena Tower will be the block red and grey one. The junction box will be to the left of the doors.

Location of junction box next to Athena Tower in Starfield
Screenshots by Prima Games

But that’s not the end. You’ll now need to go inside Athena Towers to find the next junction box. Take the elevator, then find the door to your left. You’ll need to lockpick your way inside. But no worries, it’s a novice lock.

Once inside, you’ll find an extremely suspicious interior. But before you interact with the power source, head into the bedroom and take a look at the books on the shelf. We think it may be Oliver Twist, but looking at or stealing this book will give you a new activity: Visit the London Landmark on Earth.

Neon Gang Culture book on bookshelf in Starfield
Screenshots by Prima Games

Now, back to the main quest.

Head back to the living room and use the computer. Then select “Download Files.” Turns out someone’s been stealing some cash from the bank. Your next mission option: give this information to Louisa or Zoe.

Return to Trade Union: Should You Give Information to Zoe or Louisa?

So, here’s where the real choice comes in.

If you give the information to Zoe, she’ll promise to give the essential information to MAST. And to you, she gives 2000 credits.

If you give the information to Louisa you’ll… also get 2000 credits. I personally gave the information to Louisa as she seemed a bit more trustworthy.

It doesn’t really matter. So, do what feels best!

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