How to Complete The Red Mile Run in Starfield

Run for your life while the rich bet on your failure

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The Red Mile is a special event happening on the distant planet of Porrima III in Starfield. Chances are that the first time you’ll hear about it is when you get an odd job from Vicente in The Well section of New Atlantis. He instructs you not to interact with anyone, but what if you do the opposite and actually win the competition all for yourself?

How to Enter and Win the Red Mile Run in Starfield

If you’re coming early from Vicente’s mission in New Atlantis, you’ll need to do a few Grav jumps from system to system until you get to Porrima, the system where you can find the Porrima III planet. Stock up on medical items and ammo with your best weapons, as you’ll certainly need those.

Starfield Red Mile Distance
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Once you arrive in Porrima III, land at the Red Mile bar and meet Mei, the bar’s owner and creator of the Red Mile Run. She’ll inform you on the Red Mile, and you just cannot let this unique chance pass. The Red Mile Run is a track where you need to reach and touch the beacon in the outer snowy plains and return to the bar alive. Sounds easy enough until you add the Red Mile Maulers into the occasion. 

After agreeing to participate, go through the doors and the various signs of “last chance to not throw your life away” and get ready. Set the mission as your objective to know where you’re headed if it wasn’t automatically set. After setting foot, you may immediately see some of the dreadful Red Mile Maulers.

These enemies are tough and can hit you with explosive projectiles from a certain distance, and the road is packed to the brim with them. Fortunately, your companion is also following you here, and they’ll prove as loyal as they can be in this challenge.

The trick is to avoid direct conflict with the Maulers as much as possible, as they’re extremely hard to bring down and can easily chomp you down to pieces. Sneak your way through the sides and slowly walk towards the beacon. Use the Scan mode to spot them more easily. If you have the Stealth skill, you can use the Stealth bar to see if you’re actually well hidden from them or not.

Starfield Red Mile Hidden
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Fighting a few of them along the way is pretty much inevitable. In my experience, Laser weapons were more effective than pistols or rifles, so use one if you have it. Having a few points in the Lasers Skill helps a lot here.

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Keep hiding as much as possible. I found the left side path safer while running it, as it also had a few mountains from which I could use my booster pack to close bigger distances in a single jump. Just be careful with your CO2 gauge here, as it can fill quite fast if you don’t pay attention when running from Maulers.

Starfield Red Mile Pedestal
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Once you reach the beacon and touch it, a higher-level Mauler might immediately attack you, but you can easily outrun him if you’re quick enough. This is where things get fun. My crewmate here was Sarah, and all Maulers turned to her for some reason. So I ran as fast as my O2 allowed me while I left her fighting for her life. Better luck next time, girl.

But she could easily survive the assault, somehow. Having your crew distract the Maulers while you run back to the elevator is the best strategy for the victory lap. So throw them to the beasts and run! Don’t look back, and don’t worry, they’ll be magically right by our side once this is over. As long as you make it out alive, that is.

Starfield Red Mile Easy Win
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You can breathe easily once you reach the elevator. Talk with Mei once again, and she’ll congratulate you for finishing your first Red Mile intact (or almost, at least), giving you the Brute Force shotgun, 2500 Credits, some ammo, and 100XP as a reward. Oh, and your allies will be here waiting for you as if nothing happened, don’t worry!

You can attempt to do the race as many times as you want to set the new records. In fact, you’ll need to run it at least once if you’re doing the Freestar Rangers quest line. Without spoiling it too much, you have to complete it during the On the Run questline, so get your running shorts ready!

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