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Starfield Fortuna
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So, the hunt for the First Cavalry continues in Starfield. After investigating the stolen ship from HopeTech and locating the thief, you’ve come up with two names relating to the First Cavalry, a group of Freestar Collective soldiers who fought in the Colony War. Through the thief, you’ve come up with two names, Maya Cruz and Marco Graziani. It’s time to figure out what’s going on with Marco. Here’s how to complete the On the Run mission in Starfield.

Starfield On the Run Quest Walkthrough

Below we will take you on a full step-by-step walkthrough of the On The Run questline. Follow along to ensure you complete the entire mission.

All On the Run Mission Steps

  • Go to Red Mile
  • Talk to Autumn MacMillan
  • Follow Autumn MacMillan
  • Sit at the Table
  • Meet With Autumn’s Contact
  • Talk to Mei Devine
  • Listen to Mei Devine’s Introduction
  • Activate the Red Mile Beacon
  • Talk to Mei Devine
  • Talk to Autumn MacMillan
  • Talk to Mei Devine
  • Go to Codos
  • Board Marco’s Ship
  • Confront Marco
  • Search for Information About the First
  • Give the Encrypted Slate to Alex Shadid

Go to Red Mile

Starfield Red Mile Featured

To start things off, we’re heading to Red Mile to speak with the Ranger stationed there, Autumn MacMillan. She’s been looking into a smuggling operation run by Marco that could connect you to him. The Red Mile cantina can be found on the planet Porrima III, within the Porrima system.

As you likely know by now, you’ll first have to complete Shadows in Neon before On the Run is unlocked.

Tip: Surgical Strike is optional

You’ll also unlock Surgical Strike, which doesn’t need to be completed before finishing On the Run. The two can be done in whichever order you’d like.

Talk to Autumn MacMillan

Starfield Autumn MacMillan
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Once inside, you’ll find Autumn MacMillan in the bar as you’d hope to find any cop. She’s not in a great mood when you meet her and isn’t in the mood to chat due to a meeting about to happen. Her contact is ready and waiting for a meeting and might be able to give you vital information about Marco.

Follow Autumn and Meet With Autumn’s Contact

Starfield Jade MacMillan
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Provided Autumn’s movement doesn’t bug out for you as it did in my playthrough of the mission, she’ll take you to a table deeper in the bar where her contact, Jade, is sitting. The three of you will discuss Marco and why you’re here, through which you learn that Jade’s got a stake in this, too. Jade also runs a smuggling operation that stays out of Freestar space. However, Marco’s decided to go for a little expansion and has now gotten her ticked off.

Thankfully, she’s got a way that you can get to Marco. Red Mile is secretly a great place for smugglers to meet, thanks to the cantina’s willingness to let the lawless in. Its leader, Mei Devine, might just have some details you can use. She will want something in return, though, and that’s someone to run the Red Mile for her.

Talk to Mei Divine

Starfield Mei Devine
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Head over to Mei, and she’ll be excited to her that there’s someone new and brave to run the Mile. This is a deadly race to the finish, where failure means death. If you run it for her, she’s willing to set up a meeting with Marco so you can “work for him.”

Activate the Red Mile Beacon

Starfield Red Mile Run
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After Mei finishes her heavily exaggerated introduction and collects bets from the patrons, you’ll be tasked with running the Red Mile and activating the beacon at the center of the massive pit. The pit isn’t just in the middle of a massive blizzard but also is home to many hostile creatures who see you as today’s lunch.

Starfield Red Mile Marauders
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Begin dispatching these creatures and making your way toward the center of the pit and the tower. Once you fight off enough Maulers and reach the center, activate the beacon and head back. Remember that there will be more Maulers to deal with on the return trip. Given that they aren’t that tough, you should have no problems.

Talk to Mei Devine Again

Once you return to the elevator, head back to the cantina and speak with Mei. She’ll congratulate you and promise to set up your meeting with Marco. From there, you should speak to Autumn, who will be happy you made it back safe and apologize for being so snappy earlier. She’ll even reveal that Jade is her big sister, as if you couldn’t see that from Jade’s nametag. Speak to Mei once more, who’s set up the meeting with Marco.

Travel to Codos and Talk to Marco On His Ship

Marco can be found on Codos, one of the moons of Akila in the Cheyenne system. He’ll be at his ship Fortuna, on the lower side of the planet. Once you enter his ship, you’ll notice it’s quite extravagant and filled with all sorts of expensive furniture. Beauty aside, you can meet Marco in his office overlooking the gardens.

Starfield Marco
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Speaking with Marco, he’ll be impressed that you managed to find him, considering the steps he took not to be found. He’ll be somewhat vague with his plans while being unimpressed that he didn’t deserve a fully-fledged Ranger’s appearance. He’ll also be willing to flex his hefty security on board his ship, leaving you in an outnumbered and outgunned position. However, he will inform you if you and the Rangers let him operate freely.

At this point, you’re presented with a choice. You can either appease his demands or go against him. I highly suggest killing him, given that, morally, he hasn’t proven he won’t do bad things in the future. However, this will cause his entire ship to become hostile.

Starfield Marco's Keycard Door
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This isn’t as big a problem as you think. On his body is both an Encrypted Slate and his keycard, the latter of which can be used for a sealed door in the room. There’s plenty of loot in here but that isn’t our focus. Instead, we want to look at the computer, where we can now recalibrate the turrets’ Friend/Foe status to protect you. This will cause all turrets in the ship to focus on his guards, softening up the resistance for you.

Give the Encrypted Slate to Alex Shadid

Starfield Alex Shadid
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Once you’re done causing a massacre, exit the Fortuna and fast-travel to Akila City. Head into the Rock and up a few floors to meet Alex Shadid again, whom you can give the second encrypted slate. This will end the mission and let you either work on ‘Surgical Strike’ or continue to the next major mission.

If you’re looking for help with some other missions, check out our guide on how to complete Absolute Power in Starfield.

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