How to Solve the Mantis Quest Puzzle in Starfield

Somewhere in heaven a mother weeps.

If you killed a Crimson Fleet pirate, there’s a very good chance that you stumbled across a note talking about a huge score, thus triggering the quest, “Mantis”. Following that note will take you to Denebola I-b, a resource-rich moon that may very well hold treasure. But to get that treasure, you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops. Here’s how to solve the Mantis quest puzzle in Starfield.

Starfield: Mantis Quest Floor Puzzle Solution

The secret lair in Denebola I-b, otherwise called “Lair of the Mantis,” is a fascinating place. For pirates, it’s a place of legends. A place that supposedly holds a treasure with worth beyond measure.

But to get to this treasure, we’ll need to solve the floor puzzle. Or alternatively, you can hack into the console beside the death hallway and deactivate the turrets. But note that doing so will require you to be able to tackle Master locks. A skill that’s unlocked by having three ranks in Security in the Tech category. Or you could just run very fast and heal a lot.

As for the actual puzzle, if you’ve been reading the notes, you’ll know that the real answer is in the phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” A Latin phrase that translates directly to “thus always to tyrants,” which means all tyrants will eventually be overthrown.

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It’s even the name of the note. But we don’t need the entire phrase—just Tyrannis.

Note that there are a series of squares on the floor, each with a letter. For the first row, cross over the letter ‘T.’ Then do the same for ‘Y’ in the second row, and so on.

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Above is the puzzle solution. The ones I’ve marked are the ones you should pass through.

Is the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield Worth It?

Once you’re through the gauntlet, hit the button at the end, and the door will open. In my opinion, the door to the right is locked, and it’s not worth breaking into. I got a blue gun, a few food items, and 150~ Credits. Otherwise, you’ll only have to force your way through a few more robots to get to the loot.

And the loot is good! You’ll find a Legendary Spacesuit, Pack, Helmet, and your own ship. The suit is very good but very heavy. Likewise, the ship has exceptional offensive and distance capabilities but can only hold two crew members—some minor tradeoffs for some big boons.

But should you sell this brand new ship? Doing so might make you some pretty decent money…

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