Starfield Razorleaf Ship

How to Get the Razorleaf Ship in Starfield

The perfect ship for the early game.

Starfield’s ships range in quality, appearance, and value; some are, admittedly, better than others. While many early ships are easily replaced by ones you find later, you can keep one specific ship for your entire playthrough: the Razorleaf. It’s a beast, and you’ll never have to replace it if you don’t want to. If you wish for one of the best early-game ships for free, continue reading to discover how to get the Razorleaf in Starfield.

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Starfield – Where to Find the Free Razorleaf Ship

The Razorleaf ship is available after completing the Mantis side mission. You can unlock this mission during The Old Neighborhood while fighting Crimson Fleet pirates. You can pick up the note on their corpses, starting the quest instantly.

Once you pick up the note and begin the quest, head over to Denebola I-B in the Denebola system, look for the secret outpost map marker, and travel to it before entering the Lair of the Mantis.

Starfield Secret Outpost location
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Throughout the Lair of the Mantis, you’ll encounter numerous enemies you can defeat or run past as you chase the quest marker through the base. Most of this section is linear, so you’ll mainly have to focus on the hostiles bombarding you with bullets.

Solving the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield

Partway through exploring the Lair, you’ll encounter the Mantis puzzle with letters on the floor. To solve it, start with the letter T and step on letters that spell “Tyrannis.” You’ll find this solution as a hint from the “Sic Semper Tyrannis” note you picked up earlier.

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Once you complete the puzzle, continue forward, defeating the robots along the path until you reach a massive room with the ship inside. Follow the quest marker and interact with the Starship lift controls to activate the Mantis Razorleaf ship.

After claiming your Mantis spacesuit, go back to the surface to find your Razorleaf, ready for you to pilot and use during the rest of your adventure.

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