All Trade Authority Kiosk Locations in Starfield

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All Trade Authority Kiosk Locations in Starfield

Trade Authority vendors and kiosks are your go-to stop for selling contraband in Starfield. You’ll likely pick up a ton of contraband throughout your travels, so knowing where to drop it off will help you make thousands of Credits without landing in jail. If you’re eager to learn more about these shops, continue reading for a complete list of all Starfield Trade Authority kiosks and store locations.

Starfield: All Trade Authority Kiosk and Store Locations

Most Starfield Trade Authority locations have different spots you can visit: a storefront and a smaller kiosk nearby. You’ll find them in most major settlements, with a few smaller planets also housing this helpful shop.

Below is a list of every Trade Authority location we’ve found so far in Starfield.

New Atlantis Trade Authority Location

  • New Atlantis Trade Authority Store
  • Starfield Trade Authority Kiosk New Atlantis

In New Atlantis on Jemison, Alpha Centauri System, you’ll find your first Trade Authority kiosk at the Spaceport shortly after visiting the planet for the first time. The Ship Services Technician here will introduce you to their services and point out the kiosk nearby.

The New Atlantis Trade Authority storefront is also available to visit in The Well, which you can access after arriving in the MAST District or through the Lodge’s basement. Since the basement entrance is initially locked, you can easily get to The Well by going to MAST, turning right at the train, and descending the elevator. From here, go past the Med Bay and turn right to find the Trade Authority shop.

The New Atlantis Trade Authority Kiosk Missing

With the release of Starfield also came the release of many bugs in the game. One slightly frustrating bug is that the Trade Authority Kiosk might be missing on New Atlantis. Players have reportedly experienced this bug, and a bug where the floor disappears and allows you to fall in. Some players have reported that they’ve had their ships gone missing after landing at this kiosk.

Proceed to this this kiosk at your own risk.

Cydonia Trade Authority

  • Cydonia Trade Authority Store
  • Starfield Trade Authority Kiosk Cydonia

In Cydonia on Mars, Sol System, you’ll also find the Trade Authority kiosk close to where you first land on the planet. Starting from your ship, head off your landing platform and move toward the small Ship Services center next to the Cydonia Central Hub. The kiosk is just outside of this service center.

You can also find a Trade Authority storefront inside the Cydonia Central Hub building. Enter this building and run through the plastic entry sheets. Go down the corridor and turn right to find a small entrance labeled “Trade Authority Outpost.”

The Den Trade Authority

The Den Trade Authority Store
The Den Trade Authority Shop | Screenshot by Prima Games

The next destination on this list is The Den orbiting Chthonia in the Wolf system. After you dock your ship here, head straight forward and turn left to find a small Trade Authority store in the corner of the room.

The Den Trade Authority shop is one of the best locations to sell contraband, so keep this one on your radar if you loot any ships and need to make a quick pitstop.

Akila City Trade Authority

  • Akila Trade Authority Store
  • Starfield Trade Authority Kiosk Akila

Located in Akila City on Akila, Cheyenne system, you can find the Trade Authority ship behind The Hitching Post. To reach it, head past Hitching Post and turn right until you see the big Trade Authority sign.

You can also use the Trade Authority kiosk just before the main entrance, near the Ship Services building, just before the first Safe Travels gate.

Neon Trade Authority

  • Neon Trade Authority Store
  • Starfield Trade Authority Kiosk Neon

Making our way to Neon on Volii Alpha, Volii system, turn left at your ship landing spot to find a Ship Services building with a Trade Authority kiosk inside.

To find the Trade Authority storefront, head into the city and ascend the elevator to find the shop in front of the exit.

HopeTown Trade Authority Kiosk

Starfield Trade Authority Kiosk HopeTown
HopeTown Trade Authority Kiosk | Screenshot by Prima Games

While we have yet to find any Trade Authority stores in HopeTown, you can find a kiosk just before your ship’s landing spot. If you visit this planet to explore its resources or progress through missions like First Contact, the kiosk is a good spot to buy or sell some items before continuing with your next task.

Now that you know where every Trade Authority store and kiosk location is in Starfield, it’s time to do some shopping. Don’t spend it all in one place!

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