Starfield Pickpocketing Interaction
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How to Pickpocket in Starfield

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While playing through Starfield without committing crimes is entirely possible, it’s a video game. Of course, you’re going to defy real-life logic at least a bit. It’s too tempting to. One such way that you can commit some crimes is by stealing items from your enemies without them noticing. However, there’s a lot you need to consider when it comes to the system. Here’s how to pickpocket in Starfield.

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How to Steal From NPCs and Enemies in Starfield

Starfield Pickpocketing
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To start pickpocketing, you’ll need to have one point in the Theft skill (found in the Social tree), then go behind the person you want to pickpocket. From there, press either E on keyboard or A on controller to open up the NPC’s inventory. From there, you’ll be able to select which item you want and take it from their body. You may also see a red Detected above the NPC’s inventory. If this is displayed, you only have a small chance of pickpocketing without others around detecting you. If that isn’t there, the pickpocket should be executed without any detection.

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The sorts of loot you can get from pickpocketing will heavily depend on who you’re stealing from. Civilians might only have simple items like food or the odd meds, while soldiers will have ammo, which can be far more useful. If you’re confused about what that NPC is carrying, you won’t be noticed while checking inventory. The chance only triggers if you take an item from their inventory.

How to Improve Pickpocketing in Starfield

Starfield Theft Skill
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The most obvious way to improve your pickpocketing experience is to level up your Theft skill higher than Level 1. Each level increases your pickpocket chance by 10%, with Level 4 increasing it by 20% instead and allowing you to pickpocket holstered weapons.

Other than leveling the Theft skill, leveling your Stealth skill can make you harder to be detected by other NPCs. If you have the Void Form Power, that can also help when stealthing.

If you’re looking for other ways to commit illegal acts in the game, check out our guide on how to smuggle contraband in Starfield.

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