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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Zonaite Armor Set in TOTK

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by Shaun Cichacki

One of the biggest draws of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the new Ultrahand ability, which lets Link create new vehicles, buildings, and structures out of materials found in the overworld. While this feature is handy, it can also be stressful when you are running low on Zonai Charge, which sends you plummeting to the face of Hyrule once again. Would you believe me if I told you that the Zonaite Armor is a builder’s best friend, as it drastically slows down the used charge amount on any Zonai builds? This one is a bit of a doozy to find, so let’s get ready to explore and find this unique set of armor.

How To Prepare For Trails Ahead In Zonaite Armor Quest

Before you head out on this journey, I strongly suggest that you gather the following items to make your journey much more seamless:

All of these trails take place in the sky, and with heavy Skyview Tower utilization, you’ll need all the help you can get while navigating. Let’s get ready to take to the skies in this adventure.

Where To Find The Zonai Helm In Tears Of The Kingdom

To start this adventure, head to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower (-3959, -1313, 0422) and prepare to launch. Bring some cold gear or cold resistance food, as we will be spending plenty of time in the cold air above. The first spot you’ll want to head for is the North Gerudo Sky Archipelago near (-3923, 0816, 1806), and thanks to the Low Gravity in this spot, navigation there will be rather easy. Our final destination will be Lightcast Island (-3687, 1080, 1797).

Screenshot: Prima Games

Keep following the small islands that are in the sky, or utilize the Vow of Tulin to your benefit. You’ll need to make it to the final island in this stretch, where there is a Zonai Patrol member waiting for you. Take them out, and land on the small moveable platform at (-4036, -0417, 1777).

Once you have landed on this particular platform, use the Ultrahand and attach a few rockets to your platform. This will propel you closer to the final island, which can be seen in the photo below. If you have a few spare fans, you could also attach them to the platform to keep the momentum going.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have gotten a little closer, you’ll either want to use Autobuild if you have it, or create a Flying Machine out of Zonai Parts. Use two fans and a steering stick to create a small, but powerful, platform to move closer to the final island.

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you have plenty of Zonai Charges, it wouldn’t hurt to activate them now so you can make more distance. If you’re anything like me, however, and completely forgot to bring some, you’ll still be able to make it thanks to your Glider and the Vow of Tulin. Once your battery charge dies out, press the Jump Button and immediately open your Glider.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Make your way to the island shown in the photo above, also known as Lightcast Island. If you have enough Stamina, you’ll have very little issue making it here, as the Low Gravity combined with the Vow of Tulin will keep your momentum going rather well. You may run into one small area that Low Gravity disappears for, but you’ll still be able to make it with ease.

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Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have landed on Lightcast Island, make your way to the Ultrahand Portal (-3687, 1080, 1797)and get it activated. You’ll see a Mirror activate and clear a space at the backside of the island, where another Zonai creature will be waiting. Dispatch them and make your way inside the cavern below.

You’ll find the cave at (-3802, 1008, 1790), with a Mirror Puzzle waiting for you at the bottom. Use the Ultrahand and position the mirrors that you find to point at another hidden in the darkness. It’s a rather easy puzzle until you get to the final piece. After activating the mirror, glide across and you’ll be ready for the next set.

There are a few more of these little puzzles you’ll need to complete, and once you reach the final mirror, you’ll be led into a new room with a Zonai Patrol waiting for you inside. Dispatch them with an arrow and take their Mirror shield. Position it within the light to activate the final light sensor, which activates an elevator.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have gotten to the top of your ride, you’ll have one of two options available to claim the Zonaite Helm:

  • Ascend through the platform above the light sensor
  • Jump and use low gravity to your advantage
Screenshot: Prima Games

I used the Ascend ability and reached the Treasure Chest containing the Zonaite Helm without any issues. Now that we’ve claimed this piece of armor, let’s move on to the hardest one to get, the Zonaite Waistguard.

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Where To Get Zonaite Waistguard In Tears Of The Kingdom

Start at the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower (2419, -2762, 0222) and set a pin for the Zonaite Forge Island (2334, -1766, 1830). First, however, we are going to be stopping at the Necluda Sky Archipelago (2669, -1686, 1401). As you are heading up toward the sky, look for the Waterfall to the northeast.

As soon as you hit the apex of your jump out of the Skyview Tower, you’ll want to pop open your glider and start heading toward the Waterfall that is cascading from the sky. Ride this up to the top, and you’ll find yourself on flat land with a small pond in the middle. Bring out your Ultrahand or Autobuild and create another flying machine using Zonai Fans and a Zonai Steering Stick.

You’re going to aim for the bottom part of this island, which should make the journey rather simple overall. If you have any extra batteries or Zonai Charges, consume them before going over here to make sure the journey is a success. Once you land on the bottom of the island, search out the Ultrahand Portal to activate the next part.

By activating the Ultrahand Portal, you’ll be able to use the fan platforms around this island to glide your way up. If you need to preserve stamina, you can always land on the platforms and gather some up, or eat some food with Stamina restoration properties. Once you make your way to the top, gently glide to the middle, right before the hole in front of you.

Screenshot: Prima Games

This is where things get interesting. As you approach the edge of the hole, you’ll see that there are plenty of lasers inside that will cause you significant damage. Once you have prepared, start your descent by diving (R button) into the hole and deftly avoid them all. Once you reach the bottom of this area, you’ll find a shrine and our next objective.

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At the bottom, make your way to the spot shown in the photo above (2368, -1752, 1475), as we’ll need to Ascend into that room. Using either water or ice items, create a few platforms that you can use to get underneath this lip. You can also grab them and move them around using the Ultrahand to avoid meeting a firey demise. Once you are directly underneath this platform, use the Ascend ability and get into the room.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Congrats! You’ll find the treasure chest buried between two mounds of dirt, ready for you to open and claim the goods from inside. Now that you’ve gotten the Zonaite Helm and Zonaite Waistguard, you’re ready to get the Shin Guards and complete the outfit.

Where To Get The Zonaite Shin Guards In Tears Of The Kingdom

Start at the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower (3493, 2019, 0188) and set your sights on Sky Mines (4491, 2103, 1165) as your final destination. Along the way, we are also going to be stopping at the Sokkala Sky Archipelago (3774, 1874, 0901) to utilize the Zonai Flying machine that they have there.

Target the furthest point on the Sokkala Sky Archipelago, as seen in the photo above. You’ll see a large, square garden-looking area, and that’s where you’ll want to land. Once you have set your feet back on the ground, you’ll see that there is a pre-built flying machine, ripe for the taking. Grab any of the extra batteries that are on this island, attach them to your new contraption with the Ultrahand, and get ready to head toward the Sky Mines.

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Screenshot: Prima Games

Thanks to the extra batteries, you likely shouldn’t have to use any of your Zonai Charges to make it to the Ultrahand Portal (4491, 2103, 1165), which is found on the nearest Island in the Mines. Activate this portal, and you’ll see that the machines spring to life, giving you the chance to shoot yourself toward the next island in the rotation. Examine the skies around you, and use the turnstiles in the middle to aim where you need to go.

You should also activate the Shrine on this island so you can return, as the next parts can be a little tricky and can send you spinning back down to the lands of Hyrule rather quickly.

The first machine should be right in line with the next island, so stand on the platform and wait for it to shoot you up to the next island. Make sure that you pop your glider before landing to avoid taking any fall damage if you haven’t upgraded the Glide armor to negate it. The second platform, however, will require you to push it around a bit to get it to the right location. Once you see that you’re in a good spot, jump on and let it do the heavy lifting.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Now that you’ve arrived on the final island, it’s hard to not see the giant floating ball in the sky, right? You’ll need to get your launcher pointed in the right direction so you can pick up any of the large cubes on this island and blast them into the hole. There is also a floating platform that you’ll need to get out of the way. Either grab it with the Ultrahand and move it out of the way, or use the launcher to hit it with one of the cubes on the platform.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have made sure that you have the launcher lined up with the hole, put one of the cubes on the launcher and watch it make its way in for a hopeful hole-in-one. If you hit it just right, the globe will start to rotate, and the hole will point downward, giving you the chance to launch onto the globe and make it into the hole inside.

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Screenshot: Prima Games

Just like with the previous islands, you’ll need to jump on this launcher and shoot yourself toward the rotating globe. You can either try to glide into the hole or climb on the globe to make it inside. It moves just ever so faster than you can glide, so you’ll want to try and aim ahead of it so you can make it the first time.

Screenshot: Prima Games

No matter how you make it inside, you’ll spot a Treasure Chest in the middle of the room. This contains the final piece of the Zonaite Armor Set, the Zonaite Shin Guards. Now that you’ve got all of the pieces, get ready to start seeing some electrifying new results next time you build a Zonai creation.

No matter if you’re looking to relive the nostalgia of Ocarina of Time or Majoras Mask, or just want to prance around at night as Tingle, we’ve got you covered on a variety of other armor guides and more in our Tears of the Kingdom section below. Make sure that you’re ready for your next adventure by checking out what we’ve covered, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

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