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How to Get Majora’s Mask in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

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by Joe Greene
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Any long-time fan of the Zelda series knows the importance of Majora’s Mask. Luckily enough, Majora’s Mask makes an appearance as a wearable clothing item in Tears of the Kingdom. The mask is very difficult to obtain, which is exactly why I’ll be telling you how to get it! Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to find Majora’s Mask in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

How to Get Majora’s Mask in TOTK

Majora’s Mask can only be obtained by completing the challenges at the Floating Colosseum, which is located in The Depths. The best way to find the Floating Colosseum is by entering the Great Plateau North Chasm, which is directly south of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

The exact coordinates for the Floating Colloseum are (-0708, -1551, -0517). I suggest placing a pin on these coordinates as it will help your travels immensely. Keep in mind these are the below-ground coordinates. If you go to that location above-ground, you will not see it… since it’s underground…

There are multiple ways to access the Floating Colosseum and you will run into enemy camps along the way, so be careful and consider using stealth to avoid unnecessarily damaging your weapons. You will also need to climb a bunch of walls as the Floating Colosseum is located high up in The Depths.

Once you make it to the Floating Colosseum, you will be tasked with fighting some of the hardest enemies in the game, Lynels. The best way to kill these Lynels is by using arrows attached with Ancient Blades. These arrows will one-shot the Lynels, however it will also destroy any dropped items, some of which are the best materials in the game. Pick your poison…

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Once you kill five Lynels in the Floating Colosseum, a chest containing Majora’s Mask will appear in the center of the room. Simply open up the chest to acquire it!

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What does Majora’s Mask Do in TOTK?

Majora’s Mask is an extremely strong accessory in Tears of the Kingdom. It makes enemies completely oblivious to you, allowing you to walk right up to them without danger. This is obvious very useful for when you aren’t looking for a fight!

Now that you know how to get Majora’s Mask in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it’s time to get out there and defeat those Lynels!

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