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How To Reach The Depths In Tears Of The Kingdom

Go beyond the surface.

by Shaun Cichacki

The lands of Hyrule are already massive, but how would you feel if there was even more to explore than the lands above in the Sky Islands? That’s right; there are also The Depths that you need to worry about, full of powerful enemies and precious loot for you. But, how do you get to this seemingly, terrifying location in TotK? It’s much easier than you think, but you’ll want to accomplish a few things first before you just jump down all willy-nilly.

How To Get To The Depths In Tears Of The Kingdom

Before you hop down into the chasms that await you, you’ll first want to get your hands on the Paraglider to ensure your landing is a bit more smooth than my first one was. If you need help getting your hands on this piece of equipment, we’ve got you covered right here. After you have gotten this, you may want to search out some Shrines and boost your health and stamina a bit before you meet your untimely end at the hands of an overpowered villain.

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If you want the easiest way to get to the depths, talk to Robbie at Lookout Landing. He’s got a quest for you that involves diving into the Depths to find some extra equipment for your Purah Pad. so you may as well knock out two Rito with one stone, you know? Once you arrive at the yellow blip on your map, you’ll just need to jump right down into the depths below.

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If you’re impatient, however, you’ll be able to spot these chasms on your map once you’ve fully unveiled the area surrounding it. Search for the red holes on your map, and you’ll be ready to enter wherever you spot them.

What Is In The Depths In Tears Of The Kingdom?

As we mentioned before, there are some very powerful enemies down here, alongside some excellent loot that you can add to your collection. We don’t want to spoil too much of the surprise, so you’ll just need to brace up your nerves of steel and get ready to take on some of the hardest enemies that the game can throw your way. Even if you think that you’re ready, you’re maybe not truly ready for what awaits you.

Now that you’re in the adventuring spirit, make sure that you hightail your way down into our Tears of the Kingdom section below so you can prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. While no journey will play out the same, there are some things that we can set in stone for you.

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