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How To Use Amiibo In Tears Of The Kingdom

They won't collect dust any longer.

by Shaun Cichacki

Setting off on a new adventure in the world of Tears of the Kingdom can feel lonely at times. Dealing with the harsh cold, the open world, and the lack of resources can make you truly feel like a scavenger. You never know when the next bundle of arrows will find its way to you, or when the next meal will hit your belly. That is, unless, you have a shelf full of Amiibo that are just waiting to be scanned. Stocking up on resources can be a much simpler task, just by scanning in one of these plastic friends, so let’s find out when you can start stocking up on some goodies.

When Can You Use Amiibo In Tears Of The Kingdom?

After starting up this adventure, you’ll find that tragedy strikes rather quickly. Link is quickly disarmed, pun fully intended, and you’ll be starting from scratch once again with a new slew of powers in store. When you awaken on the Sky Islands, you’ll start working your way through the Prologue of the story, which takes you into a few different Shrines. During this time, you’ll begin learning how to utilize your new powers, with the first being Ultrahand.

Now that you have unlocked the Radial Menu of Powers, you’ll be able to press and hold the L Button during gameplay to bring up the ever-so-familiar wheel that you have used for countless hours in Breath of the Wild. This time around, however, you’ll have a whole new slew of powers to use, including the Amiibo function.

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However, you’ll only get this ability after clearing out the first shrine and getting the Ultrahand ability. Once you have done this, however, you can use Amiibo to get special items and resources quickly, depending on how many Amiibo you have laying around.

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Once you have selected the Amiibo Power, you’ll see a small gray circle that showcases where items will fall once you have scanned one. If you use the Joycons, the NFC reader is in the Right Thumbstick. If you are using a Pro Controller, the NFC reader is in the center of the controller, near the Nintendo logo. Place your Amiibo of choice on this spot, and watch the goodies rain down from the sky. If you are using a third-party controller, these locations may be different.

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You don’t need to worry if you don’t have any Legend of Zelda Amiibo, either, as other Amiibo will also work in this game. You just may not get all of the Gliders if you don’t have the corresponding Amiibo figures at home. As I was playing, I tested a Link’s Awakening, Villager, and Waluigi Amiibo and received items from all three of them, so you can use just about anything that you have laying around.

Now that you’ve gotten your hands on plenty of resources, make sure that you’re checking out our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom section below so that you can make your way through your journey with ease. This world can be unforgiving at times, so ensuring you’re always prepared for what’s coming next is important, and we’ve got your back.

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