Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get the Tingle Armor Set in TotK


KOOLOO LIMPAH! If you’re anything like me and need Linky-poo to be in the most fashionable outfit around, you’ve got to be on the lookout for the Tingle Armor. With tremendous base stats and just an unending sense of style and fashion, these clothing that once belonged to me (I don’t know how David Jr. lost them…) have been scattered around the lands of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We already know it should be The Legend of Tingle: Hero of the Kingdom, but I guess HER name sells more copies. Let’s just find out where to find my dirty laundry so I can get back to being the hero of the day, alright? I’m having my lackey… I mean, partner helps with this, so please excuse any errors on HIS behalf.

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Where To Find The Tingle Hood In Tears Of The Kingdom (MY BEAUTIFUL HAT!)

While they may say the Purah Pad is a technological marvel, it’s MY maps that power it, so start at Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, coordinates (-3959, -1313, 0422), and set a pin at the exact location shown above, in the Gerudo Highlands Mountains. It’s a shame Link needs Glider Armor instead of my beautiful balloons to get him further when jumping, but I digress.

Once you’ve finished sightseeing with my old pal Link, you’ll want to drop yourself down onto a small cliff edge that contains a Treasure Chest. No, my glorious hat is not inside at the coordinates of (-4358, -0453, 0470) but rather, a set of x3 Zonai Mirrors. While you may want to look at yourself with them after you’ve donned my Tingle Hat, you’ll want to use them to open the cave above the Light Sensor to finally find this fabulous fashionable accessory for your own. Use the power of your Rito Friend, Tulin and climb up the side of the cave face, and make your way into the cave above.

Once you enter the Statue of the Eight Heroine Cave (which should be called The Cave Of The Brave Tingle, but I digress) at coordinates (-4385, -0537, 0474), you’ll immediately be greeted by a dirty, gross Gibdo. I don’t care what happened to them; put them out of their misery with an arrow containing elemental powers, such as a Fire Fruit or something! EWWW!

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Screenshot: TINGLE! (Prima Games)

After Link defeated the Gibdo using the sword skills I taught him, use the Vow of Tulin once again to blow away the big dust pile that blocks my GLORIOUS hood from being worn. I don’t know who did this (it was probably Knuckle…), but now that it is unearthed, feel free to place it on Link’s head at any time. I know you want to!

Where To Find Tingles Shirt In Tears Of The Kingdom (My FAVORITE SHIRT!!! That’s where it is!)

Once you’ve unearthed my hat, you’ll once again want to pop up your beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-drawn map (by yours truly!) and head to Popla Foothills Skyview Tower at coordinates (0602, -2119, 0098) after setting a pin at the location above. Launch out of this tower once again, and head toward the large mountain before you. Still, a shame you can’t have my balloons, but I think you’ll make it on the first try as I did, Link. Just remember what I taught you about diving and gliding to save stamina, and you’ll be fine!

If you can see this glowing drawing from your location, you know you’ve arrived at the right spot. This means you’re only a few steps away from getting my favorite shirt! I just hope someone washed it before putting it away in this dirty cave… How embarrassing! Jump off of the side of this cliff edge and float onto the small strip of grass below, where you’ll find the entrance to the Dueling Peaks South Cave at coordinates (1164, -1967, 0250). Right inside of the cave, a disgusting Like-Like is waiting, so bait it to show its Stone and go to town, smacking it until it’s gone!

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Climb the wall where the Like-Like was, and you’ll find yourself tasked with an ingenious rock puzzle that you’ll need to solve. KOOLOO LIMPAH! Use your brain and think of everything I’ve ever taught you, or use the second photo to get the solution. I am a gracious and generous teacher, Link; I don’t want you to struggle for too long! Once you finish this puzzle, the final puzzle awaits you: which shirt did I accidentally leave here on my adventures?

Screenshot: My dirty laundry (Prima Games)

Ah, so it was this shirt! I couldn’t remember where I put it, but I must have lost it when I was trying to figure out this puzzle… I mean, setting up this puzzle for you. It’s a gracious and wonderful gift, so be sure to cherish it forever.

Where To Find Tingle Trousers in Tears of the Kingdom (My LONG-LOST PANTS!!!!)

The final piece you need to create the perfect outfit, the Tingle Trousers, are located on my beautiful map at the spot above. Launch yourself into the sky at the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower, coordinates (3419, -2762, 0222), and head toward the shining pin you have placed for yourself. I would recommend using Green so you’re always reminded of your best friend, Tingle.

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Once you have made it to the end of these cliffs, you’ll need to trust me and my ghostwriter. Jump. As you’re falling toward the water, pop open your glider and head toward the small cave opening you see on the side of this cliff, revealing the Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave at coordinates (3625, -3218, 0000). If you’re skilled like Tingle is, you can land directly onto the board in front of the closed door.

Now, how do we get in? Think of how you would get my attention or even your smelly horse. That’s right, just whistle and the door will swing open. Either attach one of your fancy Zonai Fans or do it the old-fashioned way and swim forward into the cave. If you have some Zora Armor, it’ll make things a lot easier, and you won’t get your other Tingle Clothing wet.

Screenshot: Prima Games

I know that it may be tempting, but don’t even BOTHER with the shrine on the shore unless you’re needing Brightcaps. Some hooligans (likely Ankle, that little…) moved the treasure from this location and placed it on that scary ship ahead of you. Either swim out to it or use the board and a fan to get over to it once again.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Near the back end of the ship, you’ll spot a board that was very much deliberately left by Tingle while on his previous adventure. Jump onto the board at coordinates (3524, -3203, 0000) and ascend onto the top of the ship. You wouldn’t need this ability if you knew Tingle’s floatation skills, but lesser warriors need that extra help. Once on the ship, you’ll see a large stack of boxes; you really should look behind them.

Screenshot: TINGLE ONCE AGAIN & Prima Games

My wonderfully form-fitting pants! The way that they accentuate your curves and natural assets, you’ll need a stick to fend the ladies away! At least, if you look anything like ME, and you can now that you’ve got the full ensemble! Now that you’ve obtained every piece of clothing that I graciously left you, you’re ready to head out on the adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re feeling gracious and want to help out this site, make sure that you check out their Tears of the Kingdom guide sections below. If you’re hoping to visit Kakariko Village or Hateno Village, they’ve got you covered and ready to go on the journey of your dreams now that you’re decked in my favorite clothing.

Pro Tip: Make the trip out to coordinates (4695, 1342, 0180). Even if they misspelled my name, there’s no better time to visit Tingel Island than now, especially since YOU, the lucky player, have gotten my exquisite outfit.

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