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Tears of the Kingdom: All Stable Locations in TotK

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by Daphne Fama

So! You like horses, do ya? Or maybe you just like giant Pelicans with big scoops. Whatever the reason, you’re on the hunt for stables, and there are quite a few in Hyrule. Here are all the stable locations in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

All Stables and Their Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Across Hyrule, there are 14 stables and two mini-stables. Each of the stables you encounter (with the rare exception) will give you a Pony Point, let you board or take out a horse, and spend the night. Mini-stables will so give you a Pony Point and let you withdraw or deposit a horse, but of course, there’s no bed.

Here are where each of the stables in TotK is located, which you can find at the coordinates listed below:

Dueling Peaks StableWest Necluda, in the valley immediately after the mountain.1757, -1957, 0010Great Fairy Fountain
East Akkala StableTo the very top east of the map.4254. 2737, 0125Malanya Spring
Foothill StableAlong the river just north of Crenel Hill.2610, 1144, 0148
Gerudo Canyon StableIn the narrow pass just before Gerudo Desert-2773, -2240, 0029You’ll need to complete “Piaffe, Packed Away” to speak to the stable hand, but you can’t sleep or withdraw horses.
Gerudo Valley Pass Mini StableOn the suspension bridge that will eventually lead to Gerudo Desert-1691, -1661, 0020You’ll get a pony point and can deposit or withdraw horses but you can’t sleep here
Highland StableAt the very bottom and middle of the map, in the Faron Grasslands0520, -3443, 0047
Lakeside StableTo the west of Lurelin Village, near the bottom of the map.1547, -3535, -0061
Lookout Landing Mini StableLookout Landing’s main gate.-0293, 0137, 0025Unlocked after completing the side quest “The Incomplete Stable”.
New Serenne StableJust West of Lookout Landing, across the river.1378, 0744, 0085
Outskirt StableA little southwest of Hyrule Field, just past Aquame Lake1437, -1266, 0032Great Fairy Fountain
Riverside StableJust south and slightly east of Lookout Landing.0339, -1069, 0010
Snowfield StableFar North and slightly west of the map’s midpoint.-1636, 2565, 0233Great Fairy Fountain
South Akkala StablePrecisely west of Tarrey Town, north of Zora’s Domain3125, 1687, 0201
Tabantha Bridge StableWest of Central Hyrule, near Hebra’s Chasm-2934, 0547, 0200
Wetland StableJust east of Lookout Landing.887, -0190, 0025
Woodland StableJust across the river from Hyrule Castle, follow the river East until you’re at Eldin Canyon1057, 1122, 0022Great Fairy Fountain

That’s a lot of stables! By visiting each of them, including the mini stables, you can get 16 Pony Points without paying a single dime or catching one horse. If you’re curious about what all those points can net you, check out our guide here: All Pony Point Rewards in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

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