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Where to Find Riverside Stable in Tears of the Kingdom

Register your steed.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Stable

After you leave the Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom, you have the entire Hyrule map to explore on the ground level, and there is a ton of area to cover as Link. That means getting a horse is more important than ever and you may want to register your steed at a place like the Riverside Stable.

Finding horses early into Tears of the Kingdom is fairly easy as they even spawn around the Lookout Landing outpost, but taming one can prove difficult if you haven’t tried. Once you have one, it’s time to find a stable and the Riverside Stable is the easiest one to reach.

Tears of the Kingdom – Where is the Riverside Stable?

To reach one of the closest stables to Lookout Landing, you need to head south on the main. After a short distance, you can start moving toward the southeast, just below the bottomless pond. Keep heading southeast until you see a plume of white smoke and a horse head building that signifies you have found the Riverside Stable in Tears of the Kingdom.

It may be tougher to find this if you haven’t started to unlock the locations on your map by scanning with the tower at Lookout Landing. Each major chunk on the map will have its own tower, but at least you can still see the borders, so finding the Riverside Stable is manageable regardless.

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When you arrive at the stable in Tears of the Kingdom, make sure to speak to the stable master there who will either lend you a hand or offer to register a horse. If you came here to quickly register a wild horse, it’s free of charge the first time and then you can get back to adventuring again in Tears of the Kingdom.

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