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How to Get to Lookout Landing in Tears of the Kingdom

Stay on the lookout for this outpost.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Lookout Landing

In the early hours of Tears of the Kingdom, there is no real hub for Link to make use of on the Great Sky Island. It’s not until you find the Lookout Landing location that you can really start picking up quests and purchasing gear from traders with any gems collected so far.

While it may be important to reach this location after completing the first four shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s not immediately obvious. The map is also blocked out when you reach the ground layer of Hyrule, but I have you covered with the exact location of the lookout.

Tears of the Kingdom – Where to Find Lookout Landing

Before you begin looking for this outpost, you have to be on the right layer of Hyrule. Everyone starts on the Great Sky Island, which is essentially the tutorial area of the game. After you’ve completed the four initial shrines, you can jump off the Great Sky Island to the major Hyrule map below, which is where the Lookout Landing outpost sits.

When you reach the main Hyrule map in Tears of the Kingdom, you won’t be able to see anything on the map until the towers are unlocked. These are also tied to Lookout Landing, so it’s yet another reason to find this area. After landing on the ground, you’ll be able to see the telescope on the lookout.

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Another easy way to find the area is by looking for Hyrule Castle. Lookout Landing is directly south of the castle and can easily be entered from that direction. Simply follow the main road in Tears of the Kingdom to the castle and you’ll eventually find your way to the Lookout and all the NPCs that go with it.

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