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Where To Find The Sound Of A Flute In Tears Of The Kingdom – Great Fairy Kaysa

Toot the flute to gain extra loot.

by Shaun Cichacki

If the idea of upgrading your gear sounds appealing, then we have got the perfect quest for you to jump on in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. After freeing Tera from her isolation, she will unlock the locations of the other Great Fairies spread throughout the lands of Hyrule on your map, giving you plenty of quests to do before you actually start tackling the main story. After you have upgraded your gear and made your way to the opposite side of the map, you will be ready to start trying to free Kaysa, one of the more difficult to please. Let us find out what we will need to do below.

Where To Find The Sound Of A Flute In Tears Of The Kingdom

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This quest is going to require a bit of back and forth between two particular locations, the Highland Stable to the South, and the Outskirt Stable to the West. Between these two locations, you will be collecting a variety of items for a few specific characters, so let us get started. You will also need to make sure that you have completed the First Great Fairy Quest, or you will not be able to unlock this one.

The first location we are going to want to go to is the Highland Stable to the south. You could go to the Outskirt Stable first if you want some extra story context, but basically, we need to lure Kaysa out of her flower bud with the sound of a Flute, and the flutist can be found at the Highland Stable. But, after searching low, you cannot find where they are. You will need to search a little higher up to finally spot Pyper, our man of the hour.

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You will spot Pyper playing the flute up in this tree, located at 0530, -339, 0048 on your Minimap, or just shy of the entrance point. Climb up the tree and speak to him to start your next part of the quest. After hearing some story context, you will find that he is in search of Fireflies, after… accidentally starting a tree on fire trying to impress a girl at the stable. A romantic with a heart ablaze, I guess. You have a few different ways to get 10 Fireflies, but the easiest way is to speak with the traveling merchant, Beedle.

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Every day, Beedle will have 3 Sunset Fireflies available for sale in his traveling booth, so you will want to pass some time and come back and visit him for 4 days straight to just purchase them from him. This will run you around 100 rupees, so make sure you have got them. You can also start a fire and try to capture them on your own, but Highland Stable is prone to plenty of rain. After you have got them, you will want to speak to Pyper once again to start the next part of this adventure.

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Pass some time until nightfall hits and speak to Haite inside of the Stable. This is the girl he was trying to impress with the Glowing Tree before, so she is going to be shocked when she sees this new version of it that will not scar her for life. You will need to bring her over to the Tree that Pyper was in originally, and she will be shown a spectacle of lights, easing the burden on Pyper’s soul for good. After this, speak to Pyper one final time, and get ready to head to the Outskirt Stable.

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Once you have arrived at the Outskirt Stable, you will want to search the grounds for a familiar face. That is right, Pyper is here, alongside our good friend Mastro from the first Great Fairy adventure we partook upon. However, Mastro looks more distraught than ever, because it seems that their cart has fully broken down. What can we do to transport this band of musicians up to the Great Fairy on the top of the hill? We have got to get creative and let our inner Monster Truck fanatic out.

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Leaning up against a rock at coordinates -1430, -1246, 0032, you will spot a large cart missing a wheel and a steering mechanism. It would be great if we had a special power that would let us combine the parts that are laying on the ground next to it onto this mysterious machine, and then attach the broken cart to it? Well, we do! Equip Ultrahand and get to work building a massive-wheeled monster powered by Zonai energy. Then, speak to Mastro once again and let him know that you are ready to take them up to the Great Fairy on the top of the hill.

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Much like the previous journey, you will need to be careful with how you transport them. If things get a little too rocky, or the cart tips over, you will have to start over again. You will need to carefully maneuver your way over the blockage in the road and head up the side of this mountain to make it up to the Great Fairy on the top, stopping right in front of the mushroom stairs to let them perform their melody.

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Pleased with what she just heard, Kaysa will emerge from her blub, and a new Fairy Fountain has been unlocked for your use. Once you have gathered up enough materials in the world around you, you will be ready to upgrade your clothing to unlock more defensive capabilities and survive longer against the powerful foes that you find on land, air, and under the surface. You have freed another Fairy from these depths, with just a few to go!

Now that you are ready and more prepared than ever, make sure that you are checking out our Tears of the Kingdom section below for plenty of hints to help you along your way. The lands of Hyrule in TotK are larger than ever, so make sure that you have got knowledge on your side this time around.

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