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How to Save in Tears of The Kingdom

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by Shaun Cichacki

As you take your first steps into the world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, things are not what they may seem. While adventuring through a beautiful world full of menacing foes that can take you down in a matter of moments, knowing how to save your game is rather important, especially if you’re not looking to repeat the steps you’ve already taken to get where you are right now. Thankfully, the ability to save is available right from the start, and those that have trudged through the world of Hyrule once before are more than familiar with this particular button.

How To Manually Save In Tears Of The Kingdom

Screenshot: Prima Games

While Tears of the Kingdom may have a very generous auto-save system, knowing how to save your game manually is essential. You never know when something is about to hit the fan, and having a manual backup ready to go in case things get a little too hectic for your liking can be a literal game changer. To access the save menu, you’ll first need to bring up your Inventory/Menu screen by pressing the + Button on your controller.

Once inside of this menu, you’ll want to use the L & R buttons on the top of your controllers to navigate to the Gear icon at the far right of the screen. Once you have gotten here, you’ll see the screen below.

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Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have arrived here, just make sure that Save is selected, and press the A button to select this option. You can create a New Save or manually overwrite an older save, so you can get rid of some of the clutter that is in this particular menu, or continue to add to it. The choice, much like the way you tackle this adventure, is completely yours.

Now that you’re ready to get into the world and start exploring, make sure that you’re checking out our Tears of the Kingdom category below while you are embarking on your journey for the first time or the 20th time. We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks for gamers eager to get into the world of Hyrule once more.

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