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How to Change Time of Day in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Why wait when you can make Link wait instead.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Skip Time

Most open worlds have a day and night cycle and it can make exploring the world different depending on the time of day you’re in. Tears of the Kingdom has a cycle as well, and the good news is you can skip time whenever you need to so you don’t have to wait around and stare at your thumbs.

Most of the time, the time of day won’t matter and is mostly personal preference as you explore the world of Hyrule. But if any quests call for you to skip time, the option is there, and we have you covered in this Zelda Tears of the Kingdom open-world guide.

How to Pass Time in Tears of the Kingdom

Skipping time in the sequel to Breath of the Wild is all about finding a campfire. Pretty much any campfire will do whether you find one in the open world next to an NPC or it’s one that you made on your own. Once you find one, approach the fire and sit down when the interact option appears.

From here, simply pick the time of day you want to skip to. There are three simple options that include morning, afternoon, and night. It’s as simple as it sounds and you can continue passing time as much as you want with Link at a campfire. You can even build your own fire with some simple resources.

Passing the time will help get rid of annoying weather effects like lightning storms, which can be extremely dangerous to unprepared players.

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If you take an axe and cut down some trees, then cut down the logs as well, there will be a pile of wood to pick up. Throw those down with some flint, then strike the flint with any one of your weapons made of stone or metal. It will spark on the flint and start a campfire in Tears of the Kingdom. Then you can skip time per usual.

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