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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get the Miner Armor Set in TotK

Shine bright like a diamond.

by Shaun Cichacki

Diving deep into the underbelly of Hyrule is one of the most exciting parts of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. No matter how long you’ve spent exploring The Depths, we can all agree on one thing: it’s just too darn dark down there. While you can continue tossing Brightbloom Seeds to mark your path, wouldn’t it be great if you were able to get your hands on some armor that helped you see where you were going? The Miners Set is one of the best armor sets available for Depths-explorers, and we’ll walk you through how to get every piece of it in Tears of the Kingdom.

All Miner Armor Set Requirements (TotK)

The first thing you’ll want to know is how actually to access the Depths, and how you can leave them when you have finished exploring. You’ll also want to find plenty of Brightbloom Seeds, which are located within caves and near dark areas. You’ll be ready to start exploring once you have prepared yourself enough for the jump.

You’ll also want to ensure that you have unlocked the following Skyview Towers, as they make this process so much easier:

  • Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, Coordinates (-3959, -1313, 0422)
  • Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, Coordinates (-2432, -2178, 0307)
  • Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, Coordinates (-0293, 0137, 0025)

How To Get Miners Shirt In TotK

Screenshot: Prima Games

To get the Miners Shirt, first either access the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower or wanted to the Hyrule Field Chasm at coordinates (-265, -0314, 0027). You’ll want to jump right in and start heading West until you encounter the Iaysus Lightroot at coordinates (-0784, -0433, -0469) If you’ve already done the Camera Quest for Robbie, then you will have this location already unlocked.

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From here, you’ll want to continue heading Southwest until you reach the Daphnes Canyon Mine at the coordinates (-1077, -0555, -0514). Once you have arrived at this location, head to the treasure chest that is in the middle of the structure to unlock the Miners Shirt, giving you an extra boost of light while exploring The Depths, as well as outdoors at nighttime.

How To Get Miners Helmet In Tears Of The Kingdom

For the Miners Trousers, you’ll want to head to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, Coordinates (-3959, -1313, 0422) and aim for the Birida Lookout Chasm, coordinates (-3693, -1828, 0003). This will get you an instant drop to your first location, which does have a pond of water below. Keep your eyes peeled for the fireflies in this part of the Depths, and aim for them.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have emerged from the water, you’ll want to find this platform, located at coordinates (-3694, -1869- -0351). It’s almost immediately in front of you, and a proper Brightbloom toss will help it become illuminated. Once you are on the platform, you’ll have a few different Zonai pieces put together. Follow the video below to create the perfect flying machine for this situation.

Video: Prima Games

After you have created the ultimate Zonai Wing contraption (just make sure to get the fans on evenly, unlike me), you’ll want to head toward the Abandoned Kara Kara Mines location at coordinates ( -3242, -2506, -0475), which houses a Lightroot that you can activate so you can always return to this spot. Check out the video below to see the path you should take.

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Video: Prima Games

Once you have landed, make your way to the center of the large, circular location at coordinates (-3232, -2475, -0475) and pop open the Treasure Chest to get your hands on the Miners Helmet. Much like the shirt above, you’ll be able to extend your view in the darkness to save some precious Brightbloom Seeds.

Screenshot: Prima Games

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How To Get The Miner’s Trousers In Tears of the Kingdom

Starting from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, coordinates (-2432, -2178, 0307), you’ll want to launch and head toward the Great Plateau West Chasm, located at coordinates (-1430, -1992, 0166). Dive inside, but keep enough stamina to not splat the ground, as there is no water waiting here for you.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Head up the stairwell and activate the elevator, coordinates (-1437, -2003, -0674) by smacking the fans with your weapon, and ride it up to the top. At the top, you’ll want to grab a Minecart, preferably the one with the fan and extra battery attached to it with your Ultrahand, and place it on the tracks. Climb inside and smack the fan, and ride it down to your destination.

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The first area you come across is where you’ll want to jump off, at coordinates (-1257, -2275, -0696), or shortly after the Hylia Canyon Mine text pops up in the corner of the screen. Head to your left and you’ll see another platform that you can glide down to, where you will find the final treasure chest that contains the Miners Trousers. Check the video above to make sure you’re jumping off at the right spot.

Now that you’re shining brightly ahead, you’ll be ready to explore the depths more than ever. You can save at least some of your Brightbloom Seeds for the more tricky locations, but you can at least see where you’re going. As you continue upgrading the armor, you’ll unlock new benefits for them, so be ready to visit the Great Fairies sooner than later.

Materials Needed To Upgrade Miner Armor in Tears Of The Kingdom

Depending on how much time you’re planning on spending in The Depths, you may be considering upgrading this particular set of armor. You’ll need to gather up some materials if you’re hoping to unlock the 2 Star Glow Step bonus and get it ready for battle. For each piece of this set, you’ll need the following:

  • 1 Star Upgrade – x10 Brightbloom Seeds, x10 Rupees
  • 2 Star Upgrade – x20 Brightbloom Seeds, x5 Brightcaps, x50 Rupees
  • 3 Star Upgrade – x15 Giant Brightbloom Seeds, x10 Deep Firefly, x5 Glowing Cave Fish, x200 Rupees
  • 4 Star Upgrade – x20 Giant Brightbloom Seeds, x10 Large Zonaite, x3 Diamonds, x500 Rupees

To help you on your adventure, make sure that you’re checking out our Tears of the Kingdom section below. You’ll find plenty of information that will help you out along the way, and make your adventure one to remember.

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