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How to Leave The Depths in Tears of The Kingdom

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by Jesse Vitelli
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If you’ve stumbled into the Depths in Tears of The Kingdom, you know it’s a dangerous and dark place. The Depths are a terrifying place filled with powerful enemies and treasures to be had, but how to you leave the Depths once you’ve entered them? Here’s how to leave the depths in Tears of The Kingdom.

Finding Your Way Out of The Depths in Tears of The Kingdom

Once you’ve entered the depths through one of the giant chasms found around Hyrule, you’ll likely be a little scared and have no real concept of the terrors that lurk down here. If you need more supplies, or you’re low on health, you’re going to want to head back to the surface. How do you do that though?

It’s simple. Just open your map, click up on the D-Pad to put yourself on the main map, and select any of the fast travel points to immediately leave the depths.

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You can also Ascend in a few different places to leave, but those are few and far between. It’s not nearly as reliable as fast traveling, but it may lead to a new area you’ve yet to discover.

The Depths are filled with powerful foes, secret bosses, and a whole lot a loot. Spending a ton of time down there can be daunting, but just make sure you’re stockpiled on Brightbloom Seeds to light the way, and a bunch of arrows and Zonai parts to craft anything you might need on the fly.

We won’t spoil what’s lurking down below; you’ll have to find out yourself.

That’s how to leave the Depths in Tears of The Kingdom. Whether you’re hanging in the sky, down below, or somewhere in between, there’s plenty you’ll want to know. Check out how to solve the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower in Tears of The Kingdom.

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