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Is Zelda Playable in Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

Y'all have a crush on Zelda and it shows.

by Nikola L

Zelda games are definitely a big historical part of the gaming culture, and there are well over a dozen of games, nearly a dozen of remakes, and over a dozen spinoff games. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally out and many players want to spoil their experience by trying to dig out information about whether Zelda is playable in TotK or not. So, is Zelda playable in Tears of the Kingdom? Find out below.

Can You Play As Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom?

Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I writing an article just to disappoint the reader? Because Prima loves to indiscriminately report on questions that the audience asks. And since the audience asks to know: No, you cannot play as Zelda in TotK.

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Will Zelda Be Playable in TotK in the Future Patches or DLC?

That’s a 99.9999% chance for a “No.” answer. The game was baked, removed from the oven, and placed on display in the bakery for sale (bakeries being Target, Gamestop, or whichever store you shop at), I doubt that they’ll make such a big addition to Tears of the Kingdom. The 0.0001% for “Yes” is if they miraculously add a DLC for this purpose, but I doubt they’ll bend the knee for this request.

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In Which Zelda Games Can You Play As Zelda?

If you are really keen on playing a “Legend of Zelda” game as Zelda, make sure to try out spinoffs such as Age of Calamity, Cadence of Hyrule, and finally, Hyrule Warriors.

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