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Can you Repair Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)? – Answered

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Weapons

Finding new weapons around Hyrule is one of the most important gameplay loops in Tears of the Kingdom, and you will spend much of your time looking for better items. Once in a while though, you may find a weapon that you really like, and you may be wondering if you can repair weapons.

Whether it’s a makeshift spear or a traveler’s sword, the weapons in Tears of the Kingdom lose durability fairly fast, especially in the middle of combat. I know I’ve already gone through countless creations and items, and to save you some time, I’ll outline how durability works within the game.

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Repair Weapons in TOTK

After plenty of searching, it turns out that you can repair weapons in TotK with a secret method. Every moon cycle, you will be able to approach an Octorok and drop one of your weapons in front of it. The Octorok will suck up the weapon, and after a few seconds, the weapon will spit out fully repaired. You can do this with each Octorok every cycle.

When you don’t have the luxury of repairing your weapons with an Octorok in Tears of the Kingdom, you can at least delay the inevitable with the new Fuse mechanic. By using one of your favorite weapons as a base, you can fuse it with another weapon to extend the overall life. Eventually, the weapon you are using as a base will break, but at least you have some additional time and damage before finding an Octorok.

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One other caveat exists in Tears of the Kingdom, and that is incredibly unique gear will not break. That means something like the Master Sword will remain intact unless something happens in the story. Unless the weapon falls under that umbrella in Zelda, there are limited options on repairing your gear.

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