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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Zora Armor Set in TOTK

Get ready for a lot of swimming

by Madison Benson
Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor Set in TOTK

Do you like swimming in Tears of the Kingdom? Personally, I’d rather fly around than swim, but I get why it’s necessary sometimes. Obtaining the Zora armor set makes it much easier, though, especially if you have to swim up a waterfall or long distances and run out of stamina constantly. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to get the Zora armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find the Zora Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Here are the three pieces of Zora armor you can get in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Zora Armor
  • Zora Helm
  • Zora Greaves

To begin collecting each Zora armor piece, head to Zora’s Domain and speak to Yona, the caretaker of the Zora. If it’s your first time doing this, you must complete the “The Sludge-Covered Statue” mission before starting “Sidon of the Zora.” Throughout these questlines, you’ll unlock each of the three pieces!

How to Get the Zora Armor in TotK

Obtaining Zora Armor requires finishing “The Sludge-Covered Statue” quest. To do this, speak to Yona at coordinates (3300, 0460, 0139) and throw a Splash Fruit onto the statue to clean it. Once you do this, a brief conversation follows, ending the quest and starting “Sidon of the Zora.”

TOTK Yona NPC for Zora Armor

Before you venture off to find Sidon, return to Yona at coordinates (3334, 0529, 0151). She’ll tell you about the Zora Armor but require an Ancient Arowana fish to repair it. If you already have one, you can give it to her right away. Otherwise, you can head back to Great Sky Island to find some or search around Lulu Lake and Shatterback Point. For more information on this, check out where to find Ancient Arowana in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom Yona Zona Location

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Once you have the fish, return to Yona for the first piece of Zora Armor! Make sure to equip it now since you’ll need it for the other two parts.

How to Get the Zora Helm in Tears of the Kingdom

Equipping the first piece of Zora Armor allows you to swim up waterfalls and access the high mountains of Zora’s Domain. However, our next destination is even higher than this: Floating Scales Island, east of Zora’s Domain. To get here, head out of Zora’s Domain and toward Mikau Lake until you see a waterfall. Ascend it with your newly-acquired Zora Armor equipped and swim up the other waterfalls you encounter.

Zora Helm Island Toeard of the Kingdom TOTK

Once you reach the top, pick up Ihen-a Shrine as a fast travel point before going east into Mipha Court. You’ll notice Floating Scales Island with a waterfall descending off its side. Glide over here and swim up to reach the island! It’ll be full of sludge, which you can avoid or wash away before going to the opposite side at coordinates (4124, 0510, 0592).

If you accidentally miss the jump like I initially did, you can use the waterfall to swim back up before reaching the spot again.

TOTK Floating Scales Island Hidden Cave

When you arrive here, look over the side to see sludge covering the walls that you can clear away to reveal a small cave entrance. Climb in here and follow the passage to find a chest you can open to obtain the Zora Helm! With it equipped, you’ll swim faster and unlock a spin attack exclusive to swimming!

Zora Helm Armor Set Chest Tears of the Kingdom

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Two armor pieces down, one more to go!

How to Get the Zora Greaves in Tears of the Kingdom

Before diving into this last Zora armor piece, you must progress further into the Sidon of the Zora quest line.

More specifically, you’ll have to complete the following objectives before you can start searching for the Zora Greaves:

  1. Search for Jiahto at Toto Lake and help him repair the broken slate.
  2. Go to Pristine Sanctum in Lulu Lake, meet with King Dorephan, and obtain King Scales.
  3. Go to Floating Scales Island, find the droplet-shaped stone pattern, and shoot a King Scale arrow in its center.
  4. Go to Mipha Court and defeat the Sludge Like miniboss.
  5. Investigate the beam of light and explore the Ancient Zora Waterworks.
  6. Break the rocks inside the pipes around Ancient Zora Waterworks to fill the space with water.
  7. Explore Wellspring Island with Sidon and find the source of the sludge.
  8. Enter the Water Temple with Sidon.
  9. Turn on the four water faucets.
  10. Defeat Mucktorok!

Depending on your puzzle-solving and combat skills, this can take anywhere from less than an hour to several hours, especially while fighting the two bosses and traversing through the temple. Be prepared for a long journey!

Searching For the Zora Greaves in TotK

Once you complete the Sidon of the Zora quest line and clear the sludge from Zora’s Domain, return to Yona at coordinates (3310, 0486, 0150) to discuss your accomplishments. She’ll tell you about Jiahto finding ancient texts regarding the Zora Greaves and that they were last spotted in the Ancient Zora Waterworks. With this new information, we can officially begin our search during the Token of Friendship quest.

TOTK Token of Friendship Quest

To begin, return to the whirlpool at coordinates (3615, 0121, 0191) and traverse down the cavern until you reach the underground tower again. Unlike before, this tower no longer has a glowing blue light, and the area isn’t completely submerged in water. This lack of water is one main reason you had to finish the quest line first!

Whirlpool Ancient Zora Waterworks Map Location Tears of the Kingdom

With that said, head toward this tower and veer left before circling around its back. You’ll find a hole at coordinates (3663, 0331, -0048). Once you jump down and land in the water, you’ll notice this is a brand-new area you have yet to explore. From here, you’re almost at the end!

Tears of the Kingdom Zora Greaves Hole

As you run through the cave and past the stone pillars, a Stone Talus enemy will appear out of the ground. You can defeat it if you’d like, but we can run past it behind the nearby waterfall. Just past the waterfall, you’ll find a small stone platform with a chest at coordinates (3589, 0249, -0103) containing the Zora Greaves.

Zora Greaves Chest Location TOTK

With that final chest open, you’ve found all three pieces of the Zora armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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