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Where to Find Ancient Arowana in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Gone fishin'

by Kara Phillips

Although a lot of players will spend most of their time foraging for resources and ingredients in Hyrule, sometimes the best things to have in your inventory are the critters you also find during your adventure. Things like hot-footed frogs and restless crickets seem plentiful across central Hyrule, but sometimes the best places to look are ponds and lakes for any fish which could become a valuable ingredient to have on hand. That said, there’s a huge variety of fish in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so if you’re looking for one species in particular, such as the Ancient Arowana, it might be slightly more challenging, but it’s not impossible once you know where to look.

Where to Find Ancient Arowana in Tears of the Kingdom

As the name of the species suggests, these fish are slightly older than your standard Hyrule Bass, so you’ll need to head up to the sky islands for the best chance of finding them. Generally, traveling back to the Great Sky Island is the best bet since you can fast-travel to the shrines, and there are always fish in the surrounding ponds. A huge number of the ponds are filled with frogs rather than fish, but the ponds toward the northern center of the island tend to be the best place to catch a few Ancient Arowana at a time

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If you’re collecting an Ancient Arowana as part of the quest to repair the Zora Armor, then once you’ve gathered a single fish you can return to Yona and she will hand over the armor to allow you to swim up waterfalls. However, it’s best to stock up on the fish while you can rather than just grabbing one since they can be pretty valuable additions to meals, and given you’re headed to the water temple shortly after receiving the armor, it’s best you head in with your pockets filled with snacks for any inevitable boss battle.