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How to Catch Fish in Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda loves me, fish fear me

by Patrick Souza

You’re on your own to survive in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so you gotta find new ways of overcoming challenges, besting your enemies and, of course, feeding yourself. Fish are a very healthy option for doing that, and you can either eat them raw, smoke them or use them in some delicious recipes. But you gotta catch them before all that, so here’s how you can grab yourself some fish in Zelda: TotK.

How to Fish in Tears of the Kingdom

Much like everything else in this game, there’s not a single way to do things. The game often encourages you to follow a certain route, but anything goes as long as it works. When it comes to fishing, you can do either of these:

Catch Them with Bare Hands

Jump into the pond and grab those fish by their fin. That’s it. This is not the most effective method as fishes will swim away as soon as you get near them, so you might wanna do it in a more sophisticated way. Unless you don’t wanna waste your resources or you simply like the chase.

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Shooting Them with Arrows

Grab your bow and aim at those fish from afar. You’ll still need to jump in the water to grab them later, but at least they won’t run away from you now.

Throwing Bombs at the Lake

Ecoterrorism at its finest. This makes your life quite easier if you happen to have plenty of those bombs you got from the flowers. All of them will just stand in the lake waiting for you to grab them, so it’s definitely the fastest way as long as you have the resources.

There are multiple fishes in Tears of the Kingdom, although you’ll find mostly some Ancient Arowana during its early portions. You can later cook them or eat them at once to restore one full heart immediately. Good luck on your road to becoming the best fisher in all of Hyrule! Wait, that’s not the goal of the game?

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