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How to Dig up Chests in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Buried Treasure.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Buried Chests TotK

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of loot in nearly every shape and form, which means there are plenty of chances for different chest types as well. One specific container can be half buried underground, and you need to dig up the chest if you want to claim the abandoned loot for yourself.

In the sequel to Breath of the Wild, trying out different solutions is encouraged as you explore the open world of Hyrule, but not everything is so complicated. Situations such as buried chests have some simple solutions that allow you to use your base abilities and be on your way in TotK.

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Open Buried Chests

When you see one of these chests, it will be half buried, leaving the top of the container exposed. Hitting the containers or throwing items won’t work here, so that leaves special abilities. The trick is to use the Ultrahand ability and select the chest. From there, make sure to actively lift upward so that the chest is pulled out of the ground.

Once you dig up the chest in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s free to open, and now you have some extra easy loot. The hardest part is just spotting some of these containers, especially when they are covered in dirt or moss to hide them away in plain sight. But at least they aren’t held back by complicated locks.

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When I first encountered one of the buried chests in Tears of the Kingdom, I assumed that I needed some kind of shovel to dig up my potential loot. Out of sheer luck, I tried the Ultrahand first and saved myself some extra time in the long run. Hopefully, it saved you some time with your loot in TotK as well.

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