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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get to the Korok Forest

Heal the forest.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Korok Forest TOTK

The Korok Forest has returned in Tears of the Kingdom, and the area is just as lucrative as it was before, which means it’s important to get here with your hard-earned seeds. However, reaching the forest is easier said than done in TOTK, especially with how hidden the area is, so I’m here to help with a full outline of where you can find this forest when you feel ready.

Where to Find the Korok Forest (TOTK)

You can find the Korok Forest far north of Hyrule Castle and east of the Eldin region of Hyrule. The coordinates for the forest are (0421, 2119, 0143). If you look at the map, you can see the forest is a massive circle of trees surrounded by water. That same water is going to prevent you from reaching the forest head-on.

To make your way to the Korok Forest, you will need to go all the way to the Depths of Hyrule and take an entirely different detour. Considering you can find Hestu here, among other goods, reaching the forest was never going to be easy in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Reach the Korok Forest in Tears of the Kingdom

We need to start the path to the Korok Forest by heading north of the Woodland Stable in the Eldin region. From here, you can head directly north and follow the main road into the Minshi Woods. Within the woods, you will see a Gloom Chasm located at the coordinates (1032, 1661, 0157), and as you might have guessed, you have to jump down.

The drop is steep, and it leads to the Depths of Hyrule. It is in this section that the path gets a bit more difficult, but I was able to stay true to the path by looking for the Lightroots.

Where is the Korok Forest in the Depths TOTK:

  • When you reach the bottom of the chasm, look toward the northern side of the map.
  • You will see two Lightroots; you need to head there.
  • Directly next to the Rikonasum Lightroot will be a stone tower.
  • Stand under this tower and use the Ascend ability to reach the Korok Forest.

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When you arrive in the forest, there will be some clear problems and darkness. Head into the Deku Tree and fall down yet another chasm. At the bottom, you can fight some Gloom Hands and a Phantom Ganon to truly purge the darkness from the area and heal the Deku Tree in the Korok Forest within Tears of the Kingdom.

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