How to Use Zonai Device Dispenser in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom TOTK

How to Use Device Dispenser in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Just a big capsule-toy machine

Building various vehicles and contraptions is half the fun in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Using the Ultrahand ability, you can manipulate objects and stick them together, creating whatever comes to your mind, but in order for your creations to drive, fly, or to be able to control them, you will need Zonai Devices.

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You can sometimes find these useful items lying on the ground, but in order to be able to carry them with you in your inventory and use them later, they must be in capsule form. So, how to get Zonai Devices in a capsule? Well, that’s where Zonai Dispensers come in, check out the guide below to learn how to use them in TotK.

How to Use Zonai Device Dispenser in Zelda TotK?

The Zonai Device Dispenser looks like a large capsule-toy machine that you will encounter for the first time on your way through the Great Sky Island tutorial zone. Right beside the first Device Dispenser, which is impossible to miss, there is also a Construct that will explain how to use it. You need to insert Zonai Charges or Construct Materials (which you get when you defeat the Construct guards), so that the Dispenser, like a capsule toy machine, will throw out a capsule with Zonai Devices that you can pick up and store in your inventory.

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Inserting as many Zonai Charges or Construct materials as possible will result in a greater number of capsules that the Dispenser will throw out, so it is wise to save as many of them as possible before inserting them into the Dispenser.

Later during the game, you will come across more Zonai Device Dispensers, and when you discover them they will be marked on the map – by placing the cursor over them on the map screen you can see which parts the particular Dispenser throws out.

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