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How to Shield Surf in Tears of the Kingdom

Shield surf time!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Shield Surf in Tears of the Kingdom

It is the Link Pro Skater time again! Ok, it is not a skateboard but in a similar fashion like a skater, or a surfer perhaps Link can jump on his shield and grind away. To learn how to pull off this pro-move in Legend of Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom check out the guide below.

How can I Shield Surf in ToTK?

In order to perform the Shield Surf move in Tears of the Kingdom you will need a shield to begin with – obviously. If there is a place in the game where you will actually need the Shield Surf technique to overcome an obstacle or challenge, there will most likely be shields scattered on the ground in the area. That is the game’s way of telling you, take a shield, it is surf time ahead!

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So once you have Shield (with some durability on it) press ZL to ready the shield, then press the X button to jump and the A button to actually ride it. So, the combination for Shield Surfing in Tears of the Kingdom is – ZL, X, A, do it while running to get the initial acceleration. Try it on the snowy slopes, or on any sloped terrain. The rails can be grinded too! While grinding the rails you can press the A button combined with the left or right direction on the L analog stick to switch between rails Tony Hawk style, yo!

Surfing on your Shield will decrease its durability, so always have a backup Shield or try experimenting with Fusing your Shield with other objects in order to prolong its durability.

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