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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Royal Guard Armor Set in TOTK

The protectors of Hyrule Castle.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Royal Guard Armor TOTK

The Royal Guard Armor set has a clean and iconic look that also happens to have some decent base stats for Link within Tears of the Kingdom. Although it’s locked away in some tough spots, it’s right under your nose at Hyrule Castle, which means you can get all three pieces of the set if you know where to look early on in TOTK.

Where to Find the Royal Guard Armor Boots in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

You can find the Royal Guard Armor Boots on the northern side of Hyrule Castle within the library section of the map. The coordinates are (-0209, 1166, 0261). To reach this area, take the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower as a boost and come prepared with plenty of Stamina Elixirs. Glide your way to the northern side of Hyrule Castle where you will see a glowing shrine. Land at the shrine, and just under the shrine at the bottom of the rock, you will see a door.

Royal Guard Boots Location:

  • Take the stairs down the door until you reach the library.
  • Jump to the bottom of the library and turn around.
  • You will see a small gate on the bookshelf that can be moved with the Ultrahand ability.
  • Move the door and open the chest inside to claim the Royal Guard Boots.

Now go back out the same way you came into the library and prepare to run past some enemies for the next piece.

Where to Find the Royal Guard Cap in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Cap piece of the Royal Guard Armor can be found in Princess Zelda’s Room in Hyrule Castle. The coordinates for this section are (-0318, 0997, 0300). An easy way to reach this area is to head back to the shrine where you landed for the boots.I tested this route myself and it flows easily. From here you simply want to follow the path leading upward until you reach the stairs of the caste. Eventually, you will hit a dead end at the steps past one of the Lizal enemies.

Royal Guard Cap Location:

  • Use Ascend at the end of the path with the Lizal to reach the bridge.
  • Across the other side is Zelda’s Study, but this can be skipped.
  • Head into the room to your right and drop down into Zelda’s Room.
  • The Royal Guard Cap is in the corner behind a divider.

Two pieces are down and now you still need the main uniform part of the set. The good news is you can continue looking for the last piece directly from Zelda’s Room.

Where to Find the Royal Guard Uniform in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

You can locate the Royal Guard Uniform at the First Gatehouse at the bottom of Hyrule Caste. The coordinates for the main entrance are (-0334, 0770, 0074). To easily reach the area, you can look for the whole in the wall of Zelda’s Room and then start gliding all the way to the left. There is a lot of room to drop so don’t worry about being exact.

Royal Guard Uniform Location:

  • Head through the main entrance at the First Gatehouse.
  • Use the Ultrahand to open both of the gates inside until you reach a hallway.
  • Turn left and then take another left at the closest staircase.
  • Down the stairs, you will find the Guard’s Chamber.
  • Keep following the stairs in the chamber until you reach the Gloom at the bottom.
  • Step in the gloom and use Ascend on the room just above.
  • Claim the final piece of the Royal Guard’s Uniform.

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That’s all there is to find the full Royal Guard Armor set in TOTK. Enjoy the extra style and decent armor rating that goes along with all three pieces. And of course, make sure to upgrade your armor along the way. I waited far too long to start increasing my defense and I certainly paid the price more than once.

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