Tears of the Kingdom: How To Negate Fall Damage In TotK

Now you can splat yourself like a rubber ball.

Do you know what ruins a great run in The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom more than anything else? Splatting face first onto the ground while skydiving or trying to climb a massive peak, something I have definitely not done at least 50 times since I started my adventure in the land of Hyrule. Thankfully, there is a way that you can completely negate fall damage, giving you the chance to jump from the highest heights and just walk away without even breaking a sweat. You’ll need to put in some work to get to this point, but the result is worth the time. Let’s jump in and find out how to negate fall damage in Tears of the Kingdom.

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How To Remove Fall Damage In TotK

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To start this process off, you’ll need to track down the pieces of the Glide Armor, and we’ve covered how to find each piece here. After accomplishing and defeating each of the trails, you’ll need to free at least one Great Fairy. We’ve also covered how to free the Great Fairies, so get your Horse Harness hooked up and get ready for a new adventure.

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After freeing the Great Fairy, you can speak to her or any of her freed sisters to upgrade your garments and increase their usefulness to you. With four different locations spread throughout the map, you’ll be able to find one on each corner of the land of Hyrule.

How To Upgrade Glide Armor In TotK

You’ll need to upgrade the Glide Armor to a 2 Star piece of clothing to unlock its full potential, so gather up Keese Wings and Aerocuda Eyeballs. You’ll find Keese roaming throughout Hyrule at the nighttime hours, and Aerocuda flying throughout the sky. Use your Bow to shoot them down while in freefall to claim their parts. You can also find Aerocuda throughout the plains of Hyrule, but they’re not as common as the Keese.

To upgrade all three pieces of equipment to a 1 Star piece of clothing, you’ll need the following:

  • 9 Keese Wings
  • 30 Rupees

To upgrade all three pieces of equipment to a 2 Star piece of clothing, you’ll need the following:

  • 18 Aerocuda Eyeballs
  • 15 Keese Wings
  • 150 Rupees

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Once you have gathered this equipment, visit a Great Fairy and have her upgrade your clothing by handing over your items and Rupees. Once you have leveled all three pieces of equipment up to the max, you’ll no longer need to worry about fall damage, as the upgraded clothing completely eradicates any sort of damage taken from falls.

Now that you’re ready to hit the ground running, both literally and figuratively, make sure that you’re checking into our Tears of the Kingdom section below to find more helpful tips and tricks to make your journey through the land of Hyrule more accessible and exciting than ever before.

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