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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Dark Link Armor Set in TOTK

The dark of night.

by Jesse Vitelli

There are a lot of different armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. From callbacks to previous entries in the franchise to all-new sets this time around, there are no shortage of different fashion for Link. One of the more popular sets is the Dark Link set, which you, the reader, are here to learn about. Here’s how to get the Dark Link armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Get the Dark Link Armor Set in TOTK

To obtain the Dark Link armor set, you’ll need to start exploring The Depths. Yes, this is dangerous, but you’re going to have to travel down there. You can purchase the Dark Tunic, Dark Trousers, and Dark Hood for Poes; the currency found out in the Depths.

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After collecting some poes on your first time down there, you can talk to the Bargainer Statue in Lookout Landing. This statue will sell you the first piece of armor, the Dark Tunic for 150 Poes.

You can also ask the statue to reveal the location of the other statues found within the depths, these will offer you the other pieces of the set, but it comes with a price.

The first time you purchase a statue location it will cost you 10 Poes, but every one after that will cost you 100. So you can either aimlessly wander around looking for them, or collect a lot of Poes.

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Dark Trousers in TOTK

The Dark Trousers can be obtained after finding the second Bargainer Statue. The Plains Bargainer Statue can be found at the coordinates (0459, -0805, -0471)

After talking to the statue you can purchase the Dark Trousers for 200 Poes. If you choose not to, you can still purchase them later at the Lookout Landing Statue.

Dark Hood TOTK

The Dark Hood is the last piece you will come across. You will need to find six Bargainer Statues to unlock the Dark Hood. It doesn’t matter which ones you find, as long as you’ve found the right amount. Keep paying the Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing to unlock more locations and head directly to them to unlock the Dark Hood as fast as possible.

Just remember it will cost you 300 Poes to purchase, so collect a ton.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Dark Link armor set in Tears of The Kingdom. For more tips, tricks, and guides stay right here a Prima Games. Have you unlocked the Glide Armor Set yet? it’s also worth investing if you plan on spending time in the Sky Islands above.

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