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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get and Use the Zonai Steering Stick

It's all about the right direction.

by Jesse Vitelli

Zonai parts in Tears of The Kingdom allow players to creatively solve problems, defeat enemies, and cause general havoc in space. Early on, you will have limited access to parts such as the wings, fans, and flame emitters. As the game goes on and you explore more, you’ll begin to uncover more and more Zonai Parts. One of the most sought-after is the Zonai Steering Stick. Here’s how to get and use the Zonai Steering Stick in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Get the Zonai Steering Stick in ToTK

The Zonai Steering Stick can be found in a number of places such as the Depths, in the Device Dispenser at the South Lanayru Sky Archipelago and Necluda Sky Archipelago, and randomly across the map near backpack Koroks.

The ones lying on the ground can not be picked up in your inventory, so you’ll want to find the Device Dispensers, as you’ll be able to keep them on you for when you need them.

If you hover over the green icon on your map, it will show you what Zonai Parts will be included at the Device Dispenser. So look for ones that show the Steering Stick. This will also tell you how many you currently have in your inventory.

If you haven’t explored much of the Sky Islands, you can also obtain the Steering Stick from the Device Dispenser found at the job site right next to Tarrey Town in Akkala.

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The coordinates are (3799, 1563, 0091)

How to Use The Steering Stick in Tears of The Kingdom

To use the Steering Stick, simply attach it to the device you’re trying to control. When you interact with it using the A button, it will instantly activate everything attached to the piece. You can then control the device by steering it in whatever direction you want the thing to go. It really is just a steering wheel.

That is how to get and use the Zonai Steering Stick in Tears of The Kingdom. For more tips, tricks, and guides stay right here at Prima Games. While you’re over here, why not check out Lurelin Village?

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