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Tears of the Kingdom – Best Weapons For Fighting Gleeoks In TOTK

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by Shaun Cichacki

If you’ve found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ve likely encountered a Gleeok or two in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, if you’re adequately prepared, they bark more than bite. The problem is, you may never feel fully prepared to take on something that big. Gone are the days of swiping endlessly at a monster this size and waiting for them to fall, you’re going to need to bring the pain from further away. Let’s find some of the best weapons you can use against the Gleeoks in Tears of the Kingdom.

What Weapons Should You Use Against Gleeoks In Tears Of The Kingdom

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Before you decide to take on one of these massive beasts, you should master fighting the Lynels. The main reason you would want to do this is to get their bows, which can be found randomly throughout the world. There is even one on the Eagle’s Nest of the ship during the Tingle Armor quest. Once you have found one of these bows, you may also want to make a trip to Goron City to try out the Rock Octorock weapon buff/repair trick.

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After you’ve got your bow, you’ll want to get your hands on either plenty of Gibdo Bones, which offer an additional 40 Fuse Damage when attached to your arrows, or Ancient Blades, which are a bit harder to come by. By going to Gerduo Town and using elemental attacks, such as Chu Chu Jelly or Fire Flower Buds, you can remove the wrappings that keep the Gibdos safe, leaving them extremely vulnerable to attacks from any weapons. They’ll not only drop Gibdo Bones but also extra Arrows that you will need for your upcoming battles.

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Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the heads of the Gleeok, all while avoiding their elemental attacks, you’ll have a chance to deal some damage to them while they try to recuperate and take back to the air. You’ll want something with a high base attack stat, which you can also upgrade and repair by visiting the Rock Octorocks near Goron City. You can also pair this with an Attack Up Armor Set, such as the Fierce Deity Armor or the Phantom Armor set.

Beyond this, it’ll be time for you to showcase your natural combat skills and take them on without fear. Yes, the first time you encounter them, they’re terrifying, but if you make a quick save before you fight them, you can try again with the knowledge that you have obtained. They’re hard, but they are not the most difficult enemy in the game by far.

Now that you’re ready to get into the action, make sure that you’re keeping your eyes peeled on our Tears of the Kingdom guide section below, as you’ll find the best ways to fight other popular enemies, alongside plenty of guides to make this journey a memorable one.

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