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How to Farm Amiibo Rewards with Time-Skipping in Tears of the Kingdom

Put your Amiibo to good use.

by Shaun Cichacki

If you have a ton of Zelda-themed Amiibo laying around the place, you’re in luck when it comes to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. A large variety of different cosmetics are available to those that have purchased this new Hyrulian adventure, and claiming them is as simple as tapping a figure on your controller. However, the only issue is: you can only claim one reward per day per Amiibo. What if we told you that you could cheat the system a little bit with a tactic fairly well-known by the Animal Crossing community? Let’s play the Song of Time and skip around to claim more rewards per day in TotK.

Farming Amiibo Rewards Via Time Skipping On Nintendo Switch – How To Do It

If you haven’t claimed anything with an Amiibo yet, you’ll want to follow along with our guide on how to make this an easy process. Once you have made the triumphant leap from the Great Sky Islands down to the land of Hyrule, however, is when things can get interesting. Sure, you can test this out up in the lands above, but we didn’t have that great of luck up there when it came to spawning Treasure Chests containing rare items.

Once you spawn an Amiibo item for the day, you’ll want to save your game, and then completely close out of it. If you’ve forgotten how to do so, you’ll just want to press the Home Button on your controller, and then press the X Button to close out of the game that you’re currently playing, in this case, Tears of the Kingdom.

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Next, you’ll want to access the Settings Menu by pressing the little Gear on the bottom menu of your Switch main menu. From here, scroll down to System, and then select Date and Time from the secondary menu. In this part, you’ll want to turn off Synchronize Clock via the Internet, and then select Current Date and Time. Move the date up 1 day, and press OK to accept the changes. Go back and open up Tears of the Kingdom once again, and repeat the process of claiming your Amiibo goodies.

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You’ll just want to repeat this process until you’ve claimed all of the items and armor pieces that you need. What’s great about this method is you can use Multiple Amiibo every “day” that you’re scanning, as long as it isn’t a repeat. In my case, I tried this method with both the Majoras Mask Link and Links Awakening Amiibo, alongside an Animal Crossing Villager Amiibo to stock up on plenty of goodies, glider fabrics, and armor sets for my adventures through Hyrule.

Do note, however, that Amiibo Rewards do have a random drop rate, so you likely won’t claim all of the armor and weapons in just a few drops. It took me about a “week” worth of time to get all of the Links Awakening armor, and a few days more for the Fierce Deity Link set, and I still haven’t gotten the sword yet. You may receive random weaponry, but it likely won’t be Pure weaponry. So, you’ll have to hope that the lord of RNG is on your side, but you can always repeat this process until you get what you need.

Get ready for your adventure with our Tears of the Kingdom section down below, so you always know what to expect when you’re roaming on the lands above or below the surface. There’s more than you expect in this game, so you’ll always need to be prepared for whatever is coming next.

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