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How to Get into the Gerudo Town Shelter in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

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by Joe Greene
the entrance to the gerudo shelter in tears of the kingdom

If you’ve managed to successfully trek through the Gerudo Desert to discover Gerudo Town, you may find yourself wondering how to get into the Gerudo Shelter. Upon discovery of the shelter, you will notice a guard named Reeza preventing you from getting in. However, there is a way to get around this (rather offensive) guard. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to get into the Gerudo Town shelter in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

How to Get into the Gerudo Shelter in TOTK

To get into the Gerudo Town Shelter, you’ll need to head northeast to the entrance point at the following coordinates: (-3792, 2903, 0043). From this location you will drop into a secret entrance and use the Ascend ability to jump into the Gerudo Shelter.

A view inside the Gerudo Town Shelter (Image via Prima Games)

You should see an opening in the cave with a string hanging from the ceiling. This is where you will be able to ascend into the shelter.

Inside of the Gerudo Shelter will be a few shops containing rare items such as the Ruby Circlet, Sapphire Circlet and Amber Circlet, which are headpieces that provide useful protections. If you’re planning to take another trip through the sandstorm, these items will certainly come in handy!

There is also some valuable loot hidden around the Gerudo Shelter. Check the area above the Spa to find a rare Topaz gem. This Topaz does respawn, so keep checking back for some extra Rupees.

Getting into the Gerudo Shelter will get you one step closer to completing the Riju of Gerudo town quest!

Now that you know how to get into the Gerudo Shelter in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s time to go find that secret entrance!

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