Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get the Phantom Armor Set in TotK

Get this slick armor quick with our help.

The adventure is only half of the fun in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The other half, at least for myself, finding different pieces of armor spread throughout the lands of Hyrule, granting Link plenty of unique powers and new visual styles. Today, we’re on the search for the Phantom Armor set, worn by a very familiar character in the Nintendo DS sequels. Let’s find out where to gather this armor in the overworld of Hyrule and set out on an adventure together.

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Where To Find Phantom Helm In Tears of the Kingdom

To start, you’ll want to unlock and use Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, coordinates (0602, -2119, 0098) and set a pin on Puffer Beach, coordinates (0293,-3862, 0002). This is going to be near the Highlands Stable if you have already unlocked this location or on the Southern portion of the map. Even with the Glide Armor, you may need to do a bit of walking to get to your final destination.

Once you have arrived on location, look up to see if you notice the Luminous Stones that are shown in the photo above. If you see them, you are in the right spot. If you look to your left at coordinates (0257, -3877, 0001), you’ll notice there are a few Zonai Rockets available to use. Fuse one to your shield, and rocket into the cave above you.

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Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you are inside, you’ll want to head toward the Luminous Stone and the Horriblin waiting for you, using your bow and arrows to knock them off of the wall with a perfectly placed headshot. If you’re finding it hard to aim, turn off Gyro controls for aiming with ease. Once you have defeated this creature, continue into the cave.

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Once you make it deep enough in the cave, you’ll come across this shrine with a treasure chest in the middle at coordinates (0290, -3786, 0045), containing the Phantom Helm. Press A in front of it to claim it for your own, and get ready to search out the Phantom Tunic next.

Where To Find Phantom Body Armor In Tears Of The Kingdom

To get started, warp or travel to the Gerduo Highlands Skyview Tower, coordinates (-3959, -1313, 0422) and set a pin on the Tamio River Downstream Cave, coordinates (-2914, -0792, 0010). If you have the Glide Armor, you should be able to make it to this location while only losing one and a half hearts in the process if you don’t have any cold resistance food.

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you see something similar to the photo above, you’re in the right location. Once again, you’ll be almost immediately assaulted by two Horriblins, but if you knock them out over the water, they will drown, saving you precious arrows for the room ahead. Once inside the cave, you can either go left or right. Heading to the Right will give you a chance to hunt down a Bubbul and claim another gem for your collection. If you’re only interested in the Phantom Tunic, head to the left cave.

The left cave, coordinates (-2934, -0883, 0010) will be marked with two Luminous Stones. Once you head inside, you’ll have a choice to make. Almost immediately once again, you’ll be attacked by a new type of enemy that you may not have come across before: Gloom Hands. These are very powerful creatures, and if you don’t have enough stamina, you could get caught in their snare. Either choose to fight and defeat the Gloom Hands, or make a run toward the right caves.

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Once again marked by two Luminous Stones, head as quickly as possible toward this location, stop in front of the breakable stone wall and get to work. You’ll need to break through to the other side as quickly as possible if you’re hoping to get the armor and get out of here.

Rush up the slope in front of you, and you’ll once again see another shrine with a Treasure chest. Open this up to reveal the Phantom Tunic inside. Two down, one to go!

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Where To Find Phantom Trousers In Tears Of The Kingdom

Start at the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, coordinates (-2432, -2178, 0307), and set a pin on the East Barrens Sand Pits, coordinates (-2506, 3711, 0009). This one is a little tricky, as multiple sand pits are in this area, but we have the exact location in the second photo above.

Launch out of the tower and land on the ground near the East Barren Sand Pits. You cannot fall directly into them, or you will sustain fall damage and die unless you have upgraded the Glide Armor two times. Walk directly into the center, and watch Link get sucked down into the abyss below.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have been sucked through the deep sand, turn around and look for the shrine in the photo above. It’s a very small room, so you can’t miss it. Climb up the wall and get onto the platform to claim the final piece of the Phantom Armor set for your very own.

Can You Upgrade The Phantom Armor In Tears Of The Kingdom

While most pieces of armor can be updated and upgraded to gain better stats, the Phantom Armor set cannot be. Each piece starts at 8 Defense, which is much higher than the standard 3 Defense per piece when you find them, you’ll have a great set of early to mid-game armor once you have obtained this. However, once you can start upgrading other armor to make it stronger, this may become something purely for aesthetics.

Now that you’re ready and prepared to take on foes with the Attack Increase bonus that this set provides, prepare yourself for your next phase of the journey by checking into our Tears of the Kingdom guide section below. You’ll find plenty of helpful tips to help you survive in the wilds, alongside some secrets that you may not have known existed before.

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