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How to Use Bubbul Gems in Tears of the Kingdom

Bubbul Bobble.

by Jesse Vitelli

Bubbul Gems are a slightly rare resource in Tears of The Kingdom that can earn you some really interesting items. It won’t be clear for a bit where you spend these priceless gems, but we can help point you in the right direction. Here’s how to use Bubbul Gems in Tears of The Kingdom.

Where To Spend Bubbul Gems in Tears of the Kingdom

Bubbul Gems are spent at Kotlin’s Night shop. These creepy little monster man’s hot air balloons can be found anywhere around Hyrule at night. He will sell you different monster masks and gear in exchange for Bubbul Gems. However, to start this occurrence, you’ll need to do a questline first.

The Hunt For Bubbul Gems Quest Location

This quest can be found in Eldin Canyon, right next to Pico Pond. On the north side of the pond on the sand, you’ll find the Monster Balloon and the characters you need to speak to. Talk to them to begin the quest, and Koltin will ask for a Bubbul Gem; if you have one give it to him to complete the quest. This will now allow you to purchase items from the shop for Bubbul Gems. The Coordinates are (1222, 1207, 0020)

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However, you can only buy the item Koltin is selling, and you must have enough Bubbul Gems in one go to get it. So it will start out with an item worth 2, then 3, and so on. So only worry about spending your Bubbul Gems when you have a large chunk of them.

Where to Get Bubul Gems?

You can get Bubbul Gems from the big glowing blue Frog creatures inside of caves. They are usually hanging out on the walls or ceiling. Shoot and arrow and hit them a couple of times. They will disappear and leave behind a snowflake-looking crystal, that’s the Bubbul Gem.

That’s how and where to spend Bubbul Gems in Tears of The Kingdom. Have you obtained the best shield in the game yet? It will help a ton. here’s how to get the Hylian Shield in Tears of the Kingdom.

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