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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Fierce Deity Armor Set and Sword in TotK

Fierce and godlike set indeed!

by Nikola L

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is, indeed, a very big game with a lot of content to explore, and many different gear pieces that you can find and use. There’s practically an armor set for every occasion and every condition you may wind up in, and Prima Games is here to deliver yet another armor guide for our readers. In this article, we cover the Fierce Deity Armor set and how to get it in TotK. Enjoy!

Where to Find the Fierce Deity Armor Set and Sword in TotK

Getting the Fierce Deity Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom is a decently long endeavor. It’s a long chain of quests that begins near the Foothill Stable (near Cephia Lake). When you look to the north, you are bound to see a cloud of smoke rising from a campfire straight up. Two NPCs are right outside the cave entrance that’s very close to the said campfire.

Misko’s Cave of Chests is the side quest you will receive after you talk to Prissen and Domidak. For this quest, we suggest you recruit a dog from the nearby campfire. You’ll need to “bribe” the dog with some food (Raw Meat, for example). When the dog is fed enough, it will lead you into the cave automatically. In order to feed the dog, just toss out the food from your inventory in front of the dog and wait. The doggo will inevitably lead you to a buried chest, which you should excavate with your Ultra Hand. After a short animation, you will see a message in a bottle before you, which will provide you with more information.

Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity is the next part of this Side Quest Chain.

How to Get Fierce Deity Boots in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Now, you need to head out to the Mount Daphnes Location, located southwest of Central Hyrule (and northwest of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower), on which you will find the Ancient Tree Stump, right above the “Mouth Daphnes” on the map. You will need to fly into this Ancient Tree Stump and discover that there’s an “Ancient Tree Stump Cave”. Carefully glide down to the southern part of the cave and get rid of the vines that are blocking your path. Now, time for some climbin’.

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After you’ve climbed all the way, there will be another Vine “roadblock”. After you clear them, you’ll see a shrine with a chest, in which you will find the Fierce Deity Boots. Don’t worry, we’ve just started, there’s a lot more to do.

How to Get Fierce Deity Chest Armor in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

For this Armor set piece, we need to wander East-Northeast of Central Hyrule. South Akkala Plains is what you are looking for, and it’s directly north of the Great Zora Bridge and west of Akkala Lake. We are to find the Akkala Citadel in this region.

Within these ruins, not far from the Domizuin Shrine, you are looking for a small hole in one of the walls within the citadel (in the western area). You’ll notice an old, worn-out red carpet on the ground and most importantly, a white rabbit-looking creature that will run towards the hole I’m mentioning. The creature will *poof* into thin air, and you just need to get through the hole.

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You are now in the Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave. A shrine with a chest is to be seen immediately, where you can pick up the Fierce Deity Armor.

How to Get Fierce Deity Mask in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

In order to get the Fierce Deity Mask in TotK, you need to head out to Skull Lake. Skull Lake can be located in the northeast corner of the map (more toward the northern edge in that corner). In the middle of Skull Lake, there’s a big tower, rock, spire, or object, however, you want to call it. Well, that’s exactly where we’re headed. You should probably climb up to a high vantage point and glide to the cave entrance. That’s what helped me, at least.

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Feel free to fall right into that hole, since there’s water down there. You’ll now have to make your way through the Spooky Scary Skeleton army that will attempt to block your path to the mask you so desire.

After fighting off (or running away successfully) from the Skeletons you will stumble upon a breakable rock wall. Right behind it is another enemy, and in that big chamber, you need to (once again) climb to the rock in the middle, in order to get the Fierce Deity Mask.

How to Get Fierce Deity Sword in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Around the middle of the west shore of Cephla Lake, there is the Cephla Lake Cave (Eldin Canyon) which we are after now. If you have all three armor pieces equipped, you will see the stone wall slide open, revealing the shrine where you can loot the Fierce Deity Sword.

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That’s all for this guide, everyone! Make sure to check out our TotK tag under each of our articles for more TotK content, where there are over 200 guides ready for you (feel free to use the search option in the top right corner as well).

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